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Skivvydoodles Baseball Short Sleeve Pajama Set for Boys

Skivvydoodles Baseball Short Sleeve Pajama Set for Boys

The days are warm but the nights are still cool.   Short Sleeve pajama sets are perfect for this time of year.  The Skivvydoodles Baseball Short Sleeve pajamas are made from 100% cotton and are made to fit loose.  These pajamas come in sizes 2T to size 12 years.  Perfect for your baseball fan.

The Lazy One Pirates Kids Pajamas are also a great option for this time of year.  They are so cute!!  Lazy One pajamas are also made from 100% cotton.

Lazy One Pirates Kids Pajamas

Lazy One Pirates Kids Pajamas

Congratulations to Nicole Greene.   She is the winner of our first giveaway.   Nicole won a $30.00 Gift Certificate to My Baby Pajamas.    Stay turn because we will be announcing another giveaway soon.

The My Baby Pajamas Team

Claesen's Nine Iron Cami and Boxer Set for Girls

Claesens Nine Iron Cami and Boxer Set for Girls

One of our best sellers at My Baby Pajamas is our Claesen’s brand.   Claesen’s is great for underwear, lounging and sleeping.  My boys love sleeping in their Claesen’s boys boxers with the tee.  Children should be comfortable when they sleep with summer and high temperatures  just around the corner.   What better way to cool off than with Claesen’s girls boxers and boys boxers.

Claesen's Grey Melange Tee and Boxer Set for Boys

Claesens Grey Melange Tee and Boxer Set for Boys

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Skivvydoodles Groovy Nightgown

Skivvydoodles Groovy Nightgown

Temperatures are starting to heat up…summer is just around the corner.   Kids need to be comfortable to get a good nights sleep and what better way than with a Skivvydoodles girls nightgown.   My Baby Pajamas has just received two more prints in the Skivvydoodles nightgowns.

We have a large selection of kids pj’s for the summer.   We have kids short pj’s, girls nightgowns, 100% cotton footies and much more.   We also just received our At Home short pj’s for the summer for boys and girls.

Skivvydoodles Sweet Dreams Nightgown

Skivvydoodles Sweet Dreams Nightgown

Also, don’t forgot to enter our Contest to WIN a $30.00 Gift Certificate at My Baby Pajamas.  Contest ends April 25.  Details here.

At Home Cabbage Rose Short Pajamas for Girls

At Home Cabbage Rose Short Pajamas for Girls

My Baby Pajamas has received our At Home summer short pajama sets for both boys and girls.   We have four prints to choose from.   For girls we have received the At Home Cabbage Rose Short Pajamas and the At Home Love Mom Pink Short Pajamas.  For the boys we have received the At Home Blue Cowboys Short Pajamas and the At Home Dogs Short Pajamas.   All of these prints come in sizes 2T to size 6 years.   Prices start at $27.50.

At Home Pajamas are made from 100% NON-treated cotton and are made right here in the USA.  These pajamas are perfect for those warm summer nights.

Don’t forget to enter our Contest and Win a $30.00 Gift Certificate from My Baby Pajamas.  Details here.

How to Help your Early Bird Toddler Sleep In

by Heidi Holvoet, PhD,
sleep parenting expert at

Saturday morning, no alarm clock to urge you to work, no packed lunch
to be made for nursery school … aahh sleeping in is so wonderful and
rewarding … But that was before your typical toddler
came along.

Because if there’s one thing many toddlers have in common, it’s waking
up early. Even the very good sleepers – going down at 7pm and nicely
sleeping through – have a good chance of waking anywhere between 5am
and 6.30am.

And unless you are an early bird yourself this probably won’t be your
favorite time of the day.

Luckily there are a few good techniques to help your toddler sleep a
bit longer.

First of all, let’s have a look at what can cause him or her to wake up
at that time.

5-6am is still night for most people and everything is but it
is also the time when some things start to change. And that’s the kind
of change that can easily wake your child up. Even more so because this
is a moment when sleep is typically light.

Things to look out for and avoid to keep your toddler from waking up:

  • Is his bedroom getting lighter towards morning? Try to keep a
    constant light throughout the night. Darkening blinds and blackout
    shades combined with a dim night light are ideal. If you don’t have
    those blinds and want to do a quick test: stick aluminum foil to the
    windows for great darkening.
  • Any noises starting to sound? This can be one family member getting
    up early, or simply going to the bathroom. Or maybe the neighbors are
    waking up and starting their day? Or the street may be coming to life
    … Often these are sounds we don’t really notice as an adult anymore,
    but they can be enough to keep waking your child up.
  • Diaper wet?
    A very wet diaper quickly becomes uncomfortable and an easy wake up
    cause. Try a different size or brand to keep your toddler dry for
    longer. Cloth diapers can be a good solution too.
  • Too hot or too cold? During the night, many bedrooms tend to get a
    bit cooler. Others warm up. Or your child may have twisted and turned
    and uncovered himself. A constant temperature in the room and constant
    covers are ideal to avoid waking up early. The perfect pajamas and a
    toddler sleeping bag are ideal for this and have helped many a baby
    sleep through and sleep in.
  • Hungry?
    Night feedings are probably a thing of the past but hunger can make a
    toddler wake up early. To avoid this, start with not offering breakfast
    at 5-6am when he wakes. Top up his food intake if you suspect
    a growth spurt or just a hungry phase … Do this by adding a little
    bit to his meals and snacks spread during the day (not right before

There is a difference between waking up and getting up. Toddler hood is all about setting boundaries to help
your child understand the world around him. And to teach him what is OK and what isn’t. Demanding sleep doesn’t work. But it is reasonable to agree with your toddler that want him to stay in bed and be quiet until say 7 or 8 am.

Here’s how:

  • Talk to your child: discuss the morning wake-ups and explain to him
    that mommy and daddy, and grandma and grandpa, … all sleep until 7am.
    Explain that he/she is a big boy/girl now and can also do that. Just by
    staying in bed quietly until it is OK to get up.
  • Use a toddler alarm clock: a toddler
    alarm clock
    makes it child’s play to know what time it is:
    time to keep sleeping or time to get up. The really nice ones have a
    simple picture that switches at your chosen time. Countless toddlers
    happily learn to sleep in with one of these.
  • Work with a sticker reward chart: a colorful sticker on mornings when
    he/she stayed in bed nicely. Be flexible: getting up even just 15
    minutes later on the first days is definitely worth an encouragement
    sticker …

Helping your early bird toddler sleep for longer may take a bit of
patience and time. Take a relaxed attitude, stick to
being confident and consistent with the above ideas and you’re
all set to see your weekend mornings much improved …

Free Shipping for Orders $45.00 and over April Only!In the month of April, My Baby Pajamas is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders $45.00 and over (U.S. only).  This is only for the month of April.   The month of April we will also be receiving the rest of Spring/Summer  orders from Skivvydoodles pajamas, Claesen’s and Kicky Pants Bamboo Pajamas.   Be sure to check back with us because they will be arriving at different times.

Enjoy the Spring Time!

The My Baby Pajamas Team


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Win a $30 Gift Certificate from My Baby Pajamas

Win a $30 Gift Certificate from My Baby Pajamas

Everyone loves new pajamas!!! So with that said, My Baby Pajamas decided to have a Giveaway  and give one lucky winner a $30.00 gift certificate to

How to enter and win the Giveaway: Must leave a comment on Facebook or this post with what pajamas you would pick if you won (Leave comment button is at the top right under the title).  Go to to pick your pj’s.   For extra entries: Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and/or subscribe to our Newsletter.   For a total of 4 entries to win.

The giveaway will close April 25, 2011.  We will announce the winner on April 26, 2011.   Please note that subscribing to our Newsletter, you agree to receive emails from My Baby Pajamas.   The contest is sponsored by My Baby Pajamas, LLC.  This giveaway is open to both US and Canadian shipping addresses and is void where prohibited.

Good Luck and please share with anyone who loves pajamas!

The My Baby Pajamas Team

UPDATE: Contest ended April 26, 2011.  The WINNER is Nicole Greene!  Congratulations!!

Movie Night in your Pajamas

Movie Night in your Pajamas

Looking for something to do this weekend:  How about checking out a Movie Night in your pajamas.  A lot of cities host movie night in the park.  Be sure to check  your local news channel websites and local newspaper websites for listings.

Here is a list of locations and cities we found for this coming weekend, April 1 -3, 2011.

Boston Area: Friday, April 1 at 7 p.m.  Admission FREE
Breakheart Reservation, Saugus

Tacoma Area: Bring the family out for an evening of fun when the Click Mobile Movie comes to Metro Parks’ Free City Cinema at 6 p.m. featuring The Blind Side. The event will take place at South Park Community Center, located at 4851 South Tacoma Way. This is a free program open to the public. However, participants must register through South Park before attending. This program is geared towards our Specialized Recreation program but the general public is invited to attend also. Info:

Seattle Area: Preschool Pajama Night: Fri., 6:30 – 10:30 pm, Bellevue, $25-35
Here’s a pajama party just for preschoolers! Enjoy a fun-filled night that includes dinner, music, creative movement, story time, games, crafts and a cartoon movie. Wear your pajamas and shoes and bring your sleeping bag, pillow and favorite stuffy!  Samena Swim & Recreation Club
15231 Lake Hills Boulevard
Bellevue , Wa  Ages 3-5

Sacramento, CA Movie Night Pajama-Rama April 8, 2011 6pm to 9pm

Get your kids ready for some movie viewing fun…it’s Movie Night Pajama-Rama at Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa! That’s right, as part of a continuing monthly offering, kids ages 4 to 11 are invited to show up in their favorite PJs to watch movies on the big screen and enjoy popcorn, treats and beverages. Pillows, blankets, sleeping bags or a stuffed animal are welcome, too.  $25 per child; parents are complimentary.

Atlanta Area: No movie but International Pillow Fight Day, April 2, 2011 3 pm to 5 pm.  Freedom Park, Freedom Pkwy and Moreland Avenue. Atlanta, GA 30307  404-817-6813.

If you know of a Movie in your Pajamas event, please feel free to post it.     Not a Movie in your pajamas event near you, that’s okay, make your own at home.

Have a great weekend.   Don’t forget this weekend is FREE SHIPPING ON ALL U.S. ORDERS.  Shop for pajamas at My Baby Pajamas.

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