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Top 10 Books for Babies and Toddlers

Top 10 Books for Babies and Toddlers

Did you know that literacy begins at birth?  I know it seems crazy but when reading to your infant, your child hears you using many different emotions and expressive sounds, which fosters social and emotional development. Reading also invites your baby to look, point, touch, and answer questions — all of which promote social development and thinking skills. And your baby improves language skills by imitating sounds, recognizing pictures, and learning words.

But I feel the most important benefit to reading out loud to your infant is that it makes a connection between you and your baby.  Your baby benefits because he or she loves hearing your voice and loves being close to you.  I believe this is a win win for both mother and child.

Did or do you read to your baby?  If so, what are their favorite books?  My husband and I read to both our boys starting at birth.  It was our favorite time of day with them both.   It was part of their bedtime routine every night.   Bath, pajamas and book.  In fact, we still love to read with them.   Our youngest is now reading to us at night and our oldest loves to spend time in our room reading with us after our youngest goes to bed.   Don’t know what books to buy to start building your babies library?  Here is a list of the Top 10 Books for babies 0-3 years old according to   If you know of another great book to add to the library, please leave in the comment area.

1. Goodnight Moon – Written by Margaret Wise Brown

2. Where the Wild Things Are – Written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Written and illustrated by Eric Carle

4. Pat the Bunny – Written and illustrated by Dorothy Kunhardt

5. Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale – Written and illustrated by Mo Willems

6. Corduroy – Written and illustrated by Don Freeman

7. The Runaway Bunny – Written by Margaret Wise Brown

8. Freight Train – Written and illustrated by Donald Crews

9. Moo, Baa, La La La! – Written and illustrated by Sandra Boynton

10. Good Night, Gorilla – Written and illustrated by Peggy Rathmann

Happy Reading!

footie pajamas

Did you know that the human foot is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body when it comes to cold?  Now picture a infant or toddler who does not sleep with blankets…COLD FEET!!  Footie pajamas are such a great idea for infant and toddlers when it comes to keeping them warm through the night.  I know as an adult during the winter, my feet are the last part of my body that warm up.  A lot of times I wear socks to bed and I am sure a lot of you do too.  Now as a mom, I have put socks on my kids when they were young and before the night is over the socks are off and tossed somewhere in the crib.  If you put footie pajamas on your little one…no socks tossed in the crib!

Nowadays, companies are manufacturing better and more comfortable footie pajamas.  No longer are your only options fleece ITCHY footie pajamas.  My Baby Pajamas offers a great selection of footie pajamas.   We have organic footie pajamas, which are made from 100% organic (chemical free) cotton.   However, when you buy a pajama that is not flame resistant, the pajamas need to fit very snug.  Our best selling footie pajamas are the Kicky Pants Bamboo footie pajamas.   If you have not tried the bamboo pajamas yet, all I can say is you are missing out 🙂

Bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable crop that grows wild without the aid of fertilizers or pesticides.  Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic.  Bamboo absorbs water 3-4 times better than cotton, keeping skin comfortable, rather than sticky.  And, bamboo stays 2-3 degrees cooler in the hot weather and 2-3 degrees warmer in the cold weather.   Who doesn’t want there infant or toddler 2-3 degrees warmer in the winter when they have no blanket!

Another advantage to the footie pajama besides warmth is style.   Designers have made the cutest styles and designs in footie pajamas.   The footie pajama is a great option for day clothes during the winter for your infant.   If footie pajamas were this cute when my boys were little, they would live in footie pajamas 🙂

Be sure to check out our great selection footie pajamas at My Baby Pajamas.   We are also having a SALE.  Save 25% off your entire order and all your footie pajamas.

1/15/13 : Target Recalls Children’s footie pajamas.  Here is the link:

My Baby Pajamas September Freebie Friday Giveaway

My Baby Pajamas September Freebie Friday giveaway starts Friday, September 7, 2012.  This month My Baby Pajamas is giving one to one lucky winner (1) one pair of our Fall 2012 Sweet Peanut Organic footie pajamas.   What better way to kick off the fall season then with a nice pair of new footie pajamas.

Here is how to enter to win:

  • Main entry: Answer the question on this blog post: What is your favorite time of the year?
  • extra entry: subscribe to our newsletter for our website ( already subscribe, let us know).
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  • Must have a U.S. Mailing address and be 18 years or older to enter.   Good Luck!

This giveaway will end Friday, September 28, 2012.   The winner will be announced on Saturday, September 29, 2012.  Winner will be chosen by

Sweet Peanut City Grid Organic Footie Pajamas

Sweet Peanut City Grid Organic Footie Pajamas


Congratulations to Cassandra!!  She is the winner of our September Freebie Friday.  Stay tune for October’s Giveaway 🙂

My Baby Pajamas has received our Fall 2012 shipment of Sweet Peanut Organic Footed Pajamas!!  We are so excited about this collection.   They are made from 100% organic cotton and they are so soft.   The footed pajamas have a zipper for easy changing plus the prints are super cute 🙂   If you have not tried Sweet Peanut Organic footed pajamas, we suggest you give these a try.  We promise you will not be disappointed.

Sweet Peanut Organic footed pajamas come in sizes 3-6 months to size 18-24 months.   They are made to fit snug to comply with all regulations.   Machine wash cold and tumble dry low for best results.

Sweet Peanut Dance on the Wind Organic Footed Pajamas

Sweet Peanut Dance on the Wind Organic Footed Pajamas

Sweet Peanut Moab Jeep Footie Pajamas

Sweet Peanut Moab Jeep Footie Pajamas

My Baby Pajamas will be receiving our shipment of Sweet Peanut Footie pajamas next week.   They have shipped this week from Canada!  My Baby Pajamas is receiving a total of six prints in all.   We are really excited about the footie pajamas from Sweet Peanut this Fall because Sweet Peanut footie pajamas are now 100% organic cotton pajamas 🙂  Sweet Peanut footie pajamas come in sizes 3-6 months to size 18-24 months.

We receive so many request for organic pajamas for kids and we are happy that Sweet Peanut footie pajamas have gone organic :))  Don’t know much about Sweet Peanut footie pajamas…here is a over view of their company.


The best organic baby clothes in the world


These are the world’s best organic cotton baby clothes for design savvy parents and comfort loving babies.

Our baby clothes are the only pieces any new parent needs to get ready for baby.

Available in fresh, hip and original collections, there are prints to help every mama dress her new baby in style.

Our soft and lush 100% organic cotton means baby’s new skin stays soft and protected.

Make dressing a joy.

Be sure to check back with us next week when Sweet Peanut Organic Footie Pajamas arrive!!

Sweet Peanut a Rose is a Rose Footie Pajamas

Sweet Peanut a Rose is a Rose Footie Pajamas

Sara's Prints Puffed L/S Gown Monkey's Bananas

Sara’s Prints Puffed L/S Gown Monkey’s Bananas


Parents-to-be have much to prepare for when planning for a new baby. Keeping baby safe is usually a top-priority. This is why parents invest in things like car seats and baby monitors. However, parents-to-be almost never think about whether the baby pajamas that they buy are flame resistant. This, though, should be the number one consideration when purchasing baby pajamas.

Fortunately for parents, most baby pajamas on the North American market are flame resistant. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) is the governing body responsible for testing and monitoring the safety of flame resistant baby pajamas in the United States. It creates and enforces the regulations regarding the manufacturing of safe baby products, including pajamas.

The CPSC defines “flame resistant” as having the ability “to self extinguish when exposed to an open flame for three seconds”. Baby pajamas sold in the United States must be able to pass this flame test brand new, and again after 50 launderings. Garments that cannot adhere to these standards cannot be sold as “sleepwear.”

Public controversy and confusion has swirled over the years about the definition of “flame resistant”, and also about what constitutes “sleepwear”. Not every garment made for babies is flame resistant. Current government regulations stipulate that only garments specifically intended for baby to sleep in must be able to withstand fire.

New parents often assume that any item of clothing that they purchase for an infant is flame resistant. This misconception can, and has lead to tragedy. Babies have suffered serious burns and even died from being put to bed in garments that have not been treated to resist fire.

Parents need to be vigilant when purchasing sleepers, and shouldn’t confuse everyday children’s garments with flame resistant baby pajamas. Garment appearance can be deceiving: sometimes an outfit is constructed to look like a sleeper, but isn’t intended for nighttime wear. Parents should never judge sleepwear by appearance alone.

Instead, parents need to understand the difference between “sleepwear” and “daywear” or “playwear”. Garments that are labeled as “sleepwear” must, by law, be flame resistant, because they are being sold primarily for a baby to wear to sleep. Garments which are labeled as “daywear” or “playwear” are not necessarily treated to self-extinguish in a fire. A sleeping baby should never be dressed in these kinds of garments.

In spite of CPSC labeling regulations, sometimes garments that are labeled as “sleepwear” are not fire treated. It’s also possible that garments not intended for sleep may actually be flame resistant. Sometimes manufacturers simply choose to add this safety feature as a selling point.

Sometimes parents need to “read the fine print” on the garment’s label. Information about a garment’s ability to ward off flames may be located on a tag at the back of the garment neck. It may also be located on a tag somewhere inside the garment, usually on a side seam near the bottom.

The tag should contain information that clearly states whether the garment has passed the standards for being “flame resistant”. This tag is typically yellow. However, it may also be white, so parents need to look closely and read all information on the tags.

Baby pajamas and other garments manufactured in American or by American companies tend to be fairly reliable. They can typically be counted on to provide accurate information regarding an outfit’s ability to withstand fire.

However, baby pajamas and clothing manufactured by non-American companies may not be clearly labeled. This includes garments marketed by U.S. companies, but manufactured in factories outside the U.S. Be extra vigilant when purchasing these types of garments. If you can’t find a label that clearly states that the garment is flame resistant, don’t purchase it.

Brian Greenberg is an experienced expert in the needs of infants and toddlers. Check out his selection of quality infant sleepers and footed pajamas. Your baby will love you for it!

Kicky Pants Bamboo Mist Stripe S/S Pajamas for Girls

Kicky Pants Bamboo Mist Stripe S/S Pajamas for Girls

Kicky Pants Bamboo Pajamas are becoming one of our best sellers.  My Baby Pajamas just received another shipment of some of the spring/summer pajamas and underwear for boys and girls.   We will receive another shipment of the spring/summer bamboo pajamas.   We are very limited on our footie pajamas, so we suggest to buy earlier rather than later.   Plus, the footie pajamas are the first to go 🙂

Kicky Pants Pajamas are incredibly soft and luxurious feeling.  Bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable crop that grows wild without the aid of fertilizers or pesticides.  Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic.  Bamboo absorbs water 3-4 times better than cotton, keeping skin comfortable, rather than sticky.  And, bamboo stays 2-3 degrees cooler in the hot weather and 2-3 degrees warmer in the cold weather.

Kicky Pants Bamboo Footie Pajamas in Pond

Kicky Pants Bamboo Footie Pajamas in Pond

What is Cradle Cap?

Cradle Cap

You look at your baby and she’s just perfect! Those tiny hands and soft baby skin…she’s such a miracle. But wait, what is that scaly stuff on her scalp. It looks like wax ,it’s thick and yellow and not pretty.  Did you use the wrong shampoo, is she sick? Should you call the pediatrician?

Sounds like your baby has cradle cap and it’s very common.  It usually rears it’s ugly head  those first few months of life. It’s not contagious and should clear up on it’s own in six to twelve months. The scalp may look dry and flaky or it can have thick oily yellow or brown patches.  You don’t need to call the doctor unless it becomes inflamed.

Here are what some moms from the Berkeley Parents Network did to get rid of cradle cap.

  • Use the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner. Make sure it doesn’t go in the eyes as it’s not a “baby shampoo” but it worked. We use it every so often to prevent it from coming back. Sara
  • Rub olive oil on the baby’s scalp so it softens the cradle cap. Then use  a comb to gently scrape the scales away. Shampoo as usual. It took two or three times for the scales to be completely gone.       Cathy
  • At bath-time, rub baby’s scalp with oil. Brush the scalp in a circular motion as this seems to loosen the flakes. Then use a comb to get out the little flakes. I used baby oil and did not shampoo afterward. Seemed to work better letting it soak in and moisturize the scalp. Eve
  • My nurse friend said to use a little Head and Shoulders shampoo. It worked like a charm! Be careful not to get it into the baby’s eyes. Elaine
  • My hairdresser told me to rub baby oil or jojoba oil on the scalp to loosen the cradle cap. Then shampoo. It worked perfectly and never came back. But it wasn’t easy to get the oil out.
  • Try using a soft toothbrush and mineral oil. Susie
  •  If your baby is still nursing, take a couple of tables of Brewers Yeast for a few days. This is an old remedy for cradle cap. Peg

The consensus is to use some type of oil on the scalp and gently comb or brush out the flakes. Don’t forget, a little cradle cap doesn’t take anything away from this beautiful miracle you’ve created….your baby!

Blythe Lipman is the president of Baby Instructions. She is passionate about babies, toddlers and their parents. After working in the field for over twenty-five years, she wrote her third award-winning book, HELP! MY BABY CAME WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS which is available at, and all major bookstores . You can hear Blythe’s weekly radio show on Wednesdays, 11am EST @  Blythe is available for in-home, video and telephone consultations. Become her Fan on Facebook and Twitter at Baby Instructions.

©Blythe Lipman 2011



Pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene says: Cradle cap is a crusting and scaling rash found on the scalps of many healthy babies. The sebaceous glands in their skin are hyperactivated often because of mom’s hormones that crossed the placenta just before birth. These glands pump out a greasy substance that keeps the old skin cells attached as it dries.

Sweet Peanut Swirly Pop Footie Pajamas

Sweet Peanut Swirly Pop Footie Pajamas $29.50

My Baby Pajamas has received our Sweet Peanut footie pajamas for the Fall 2011 collection.   The footie pajamas are so cute!!  We have three prints in the girl footie pajamas and three prints in the boy footie pajamas.

Sweet Peanut footie pajamas are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable and we recommend tumble dry low for best results.  These footie pajamas come in sizes 3-6 months to 18-24 months.

We can’t decide which pair of the Sweet Peanut footie pajamas are our favorite.  It’s a tough call!  These footie pajamas make a perfect baby shower gift.

Sweet Peanut Working Machines Footie Pajamas

Sweet Peanut Working Machines Footie Pajamas $29.50

Kicky Pants Bamboo Footie Pajamas

Kicky Pants Bamboo Footie Pajamas

Buying baby clothing is a must for any new parent, but don’t get overwhelmed.   My Baby Pajamas has put together a Top 5 list of items you will need the first few weeks after your baby is born.   During the first few weeks of your new baby’s life your baby doesn’t need a big wardrobe.   There really is only a few top items you will need and you will need multiples of each because babies tend to have a lot of unplanned accidents 🙂

My Baby Pajamas Top 5 List of clothing items every newborn baby should have:

1. Baby pajamas and footie pajamas:  When babies are newborns they sleep a lot.   They can sleep anywhere from 18 – 20/day in their first couple weeks of life.   So if you were sleeping this long, you would want to be comfortable.  You should also do the same for your baby.   Always take the time of year in consideration when buying baby pajamas.   When babies are under one year old, we always recommend footie pajamas because babies do not sleep with blankets.

2.  Bodysuits or Onesies:  These are something you can never have enough of.   Many parents forget to buy them because let’s face it they are not cute and really no fun to buy but you will need them.  Make sure you have plenty on hand and also make sure you have different sizes, 0-3 months will only last a couple of weeks before your baby has outgrown them.

3. Gowns or Sleep sacs:  These are hard to find but you will definitely need them the first couple of weeks of your babies life.   Changing diapers in the middle of the night is a snap in the sleep sacs.  We highly recommend them for the first couple of weeks.

4.   Socks:   Many moms forget to buy socks for their new baby.   Plus, they always seem to get lost in the wash machine so buy plenty 🙂  When you are out running errands or just sitting at home (in the middle of winter or with the A/C blasting) babies feet get cold.   A good test is feel your baby’s feet, if they feel cold or cool to the touch, put some socks or slippers on them.

5.   Well, number 5 isn’t really clothes but we feel it’s very important for all new babies to have and to have plenty of them.  It’s a blanket.   A blanket can serve you many purposes.  Blankets will become your best friend.   Blankets can be used to protect your baby from the sun or weather outside.   You can swaddle your baby in a blanket which helps newborns sleep better.   Blankets can also be put on the floor or rug for some much needed tummy time.   Just remember not to put a blanket in with a baby while they are sleeping unless your baby is swaddled in the blanket.

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Hello and welcome! I am a 40 something year old mom of two boys, living in Scottsdale, AZ with my husband Al. I started My Baby Pajamas in 2007 and have watched it grow and mature. I love to blog but am not much of a writer per say. I am a avid runner and love to compete in races. I like my yoga HOT and love to hike with my family and our pit bull mix dog, Chance. My favorite time is hanging with my family and cooking homemade dinners and hearing about everyone's day while my husband and I enjoy a glass of wine.

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