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Kicky Pants Bamboo Crimson Starry Sky L/S Pajama Set

Kicky Pants Bamboo Crimson Starry Sky L/S Pajama Set

My Baby Pajamas has received another shipment of Kicky Pants Bamboo Winter pajamas.   We received footie pajamas and long sleeve pajama sets.  Kicky Pants Bamboo pajamas are one of our best sellers and we are making an effort to carry more styles and sizes for our customers.   If you haven’t tried Kicky Pants Bamboo pajamas yet, you really are missing out.   These are such a comfortable pajama and material.   You really should try them.  Now is a great time too because My Baby Pajamas is having our Winter Pajama SALE.   You can save 25% off your entire order by using code AFTER25.

Don’t know a lot about Bamboo pajamas?  Here is a little information: Bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable crop that grows wild without the aid of fertilizers or pesticides.  Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic.  Bamboo absorbs water 3-4 times better than cotton, keeping skin comfortable, rather than sticky.  And, bamboo stays 2-3 degrees cooler in the hot weather and 2-3 degrees warmer in the cold weather.

Happy Shopping 🙂

Kicky Pants Bamboo Twilight Starry Sky Footie Pajamas

Kicky Pants Bamboo Twilight Starry Sky Footie Pajamas

Kicky Pants Bamboo Boy Winter Stripe Footie Pajamas

Kicky Pants Bamboo Boy Winter Stripe Footie Pajamas

Kicky Pants Bamboo Twilight Bear Footie Pajamas

Kicky Pants Bamboo Twilight Bear Footie Pajamas for Boys and Girls

My Baby Pajamas has received our Kicky Pants Bamboo Winter Season pajamas and we are excited!!  We just love the print and think these will make  great Christmas pajamas 🙂   My Baby Pajamas has brought in the Kicky Pants Bamboo Twilight Bear L/S Pajama set and the Kicky Pants Bamboo Twilight Bear Footie Pajamas.   Both pair of pajamas are sized 3-6 months to size 6 years.  Yes, even the footie pajamas are now bigger sizes.  We just love this and know you will too!

My Baby Pajamas is also offering our Winter SALE now.  Save 15% off your entire order, plus this includes all SALE pajamas.   Now is the time to stock up on pajamas for the coming year.

Kicky Pants Bamboo Twilight Bear L/S Pajama Set for Boys and Girls

Kicky Pants Bamboo Twilight Bear L/S Pajama Set for Boys and Girls

My Baby Pajamas Fun Facts on Pajamas

My Baby Pajamas Fun Facts on Pajamas

Did you know pajamas originated in the Middle East?   Do you know what pajama means?  My Baby Pajamas thought we would share some fun facts on pajamas.   We just love pajamas!

Fact #1: The first people to wear pajamas according to were men and women in Turkey, Iran and India. The word “pajama” stems from the Persian word pae — meaning ‘leg’ — and jamah, meaning ‘clothing garment’.

Fact #2: Pajamas are defined as night clothes with loose pants and a jacket.  Jacket? Really?  That does not sound comfortable.

Fact #3: Pajamas originated as “loose drawers or pants that were tied at the waist” — therefore the terms pajama pants or pajama bottoms are redundant:)

Fact #4:  2011, US Airways flight attendants escorted University of New Mexico football player, Deshon Marman off of a flight for wearing sagging pajama pants on a plane arguing that he violated their dress code. Only a week early than this incident, a cross dressing man wearing women’s underwear and no pants was allowed to board his flight despite complaints from other passengers.

Fact #5: In January 2012, Michael Williams, a commissioner in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, proposed an ordinance prohibiting people from wearing pajamas in public.

Have a fun fact about pajamas?  Please share.  We love to hear from our customers and followers.

Don’t forget, My Baby Pajamas is having our Fall SALE.   Save big $$ on Lazy One Pajamas, At  Home Pajamas, Skivvydoodles and many more.  Plus, an extra 20% off the entire website.

Muslim Girl in pajamas in 1870

Sara's Prints Puffed L/S Gown Monkey's Bananas

Sara’s Prints Puffed L/S Gown Monkey’s Bananas


Parents-to-be have much to prepare for when planning for a new baby. Keeping baby safe is usually a top-priority. This is why parents invest in things like car seats and baby monitors. However, parents-to-be almost never think about whether the baby pajamas that they buy are flame resistant. This, though, should be the number one consideration when purchasing baby pajamas.

Fortunately for parents, most baby pajamas on the North American market are flame resistant. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) is the governing body responsible for testing and monitoring the safety of flame resistant baby pajamas in the United States. It creates and enforces the regulations regarding the manufacturing of safe baby products, including pajamas.

The CPSC defines “flame resistant” as having the ability “to self extinguish when exposed to an open flame for three seconds”. Baby pajamas sold in the United States must be able to pass this flame test brand new, and again after 50 launderings. Garments that cannot adhere to these standards cannot be sold as “sleepwear.”

Public controversy and confusion has swirled over the years about the definition of “flame resistant”, and also about what constitutes “sleepwear”. Not every garment made for babies is flame resistant. Current government regulations stipulate that only garments specifically intended for baby to sleep in must be able to withstand fire.

New parents often assume that any item of clothing that they purchase for an infant is flame resistant. This misconception can, and has lead to tragedy. Babies have suffered serious burns and even died from being put to bed in garments that have not been treated to resist fire.

Parents need to be vigilant when purchasing sleepers, and shouldn’t confuse everyday children’s garments with flame resistant baby pajamas. Garment appearance can be deceiving: sometimes an outfit is constructed to look like a sleeper, but isn’t intended for nighttime wear. Parents should never judge sleepwear by appearance alone.

Instead, parents need to understand the difference between “sleepwear” and “daywear” or “playwear”. Garments that are labeled as “sleepwear” must, by law, be flame resistant, because they are being sold primarily for a baby to wear to sleep. Garments which are labeled as “daywear” or “playwear” are not necessarily treated to self-extinguish in a fire. A sleeping baby should never be dressed in these kinds of garments.

In spite of CPSC labeling regulations, sometimes garments that are labeled as “sleepwear” are not fire treated. It’s also possible that garments not intended for sleep may actually be flame resistant. Sometimes manufacturers simply choose to add this safety feature as a selling point.

Sometimes parents need to “read the fine print” on the garment’s label. Information about a garment’s ability to ward off flames may be located on a tag at the back of the garment neck. It may also be located on a tag somewhere inside the garment, usually on a side seam near the bottom.

The tag should contain information that clearly states whether the garment has passed the standards for being “flame resistant”. This tag is typically yellow. However, it may also be white, so parents need to look closely and read all information on the tags.

Baby pajamas and other garments manufactured in American or by American companies tend to be fairly reliable. They can typically be counted on to provide accurate information regarding an outfit’s ability to withstand fire.

However, baby pajamas and clothing manufactured by non-American companies may not be clearly labeled. This includes garments marketed by U.S. companies, but manufactured in factories outside the U.S. Be extra vigilant when purchasing these types of garments. If you can’t find a label that clearly states that the garment is flame resistant, don’t purchase it.

Brian Greenberg is an experienced expert in the needs of infants and toddlers. Check out his selection of quality infant sleepers and footed pajamas. Your baby will love you for it!

Let’s face it, we all have days when we start the day off doing stuff around the house and the next thing you know…it’s 4 pm and your still in your pajamas and so are your kids!!  In fact, I am having one of those days today.   So when is the pajama point of no return? Is it at noon? Or is it later in the day, say around 4 pm?   What is the pajama point of no return you ask?  Well, the pajama point of no return is when you get to that part of the day and you are still in your pajamas and you realize why get dressed because I am just going to be back in my pajamas soon 🙂

It’s summer time so why not have a pajama day with your kids.   Take the day off and everyone stay in their pajamas all day 🙂  Build forts with your kids, play board games, cook together, or make a scavenger hunt for your kids.   Whatever your family enjoys doing, make it a family pajama day.   Or maybe be adventurous and try something new as a family.  Maybe have a Lego building contest.  Just enjoy the day together 🙂  Kids grow up so fast and believe it or not they will remember the little things the most:)  Not how much money you spent on them but how much time you spent with them.  That is what matters in life.

Don’t have fun pajamas for your family pajama day…My Baby Pajamas has a great selection of kids pajamas and adult pajamas on SALE NOW!

My Baby Pajamas Summer SALE

My Baby Pajamas Summer SALE

My Baby Pajamas has marked down a ton of pajamas for our annual Summer SALE.   Plus, save an additional 20% off your entire order.   Use code Summer20 at view cart before checkout to receive your 20% off.   Now is the time to stock up on kids pajamas 🙂  We have marked down boys short pajama sets, girls short pajama sets, girls nightgowns and many more.

My Baby Pajamas is making room for our Fall pajamas.  Summer pajamas must go!!!  Save up to 55% off select kids pajamas.

Esme Snug Fit S/S Tee and Leggings Pajama Set in Blue Cheetah with Turquoise Trim

Esme Snug Fit S/S Tee and Leggings Pajama Set in Blue Cheetah with Turquoise Trim

My Baby Pajamas received one more set of Esme girl pajamas today.   We received the Esme Snug Fit S/S Tee and Leggings Pajama Set in Blue Cheetah with Turquoise Trim.   This pajama set comes in sizes 2T to size 14 years.   Esme girl pajamas is becoming a best seller for girl pajamas 🙂  Be sure to check the new print out.   My Baby Pajamas will also be receiving more Esme girls underwear.   The Esme girls underwear did not last long in stock before it was sold out.   We will let everyone know when more Esme girls underwear arrives back in stock.  It will probably be 2-4 weeks.

Have you heard of, yet?  What is Pinterest, you ask?

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, shop for their favorite kids pajamas and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

My Baby Pajamas is now on Pinterest!  Come Follow us and we will follow you:)

Skivvydoodles Pretty Ballerina Short Pajamas for Girls

Skivvydoodles Pretty Ballerina Short Pajamas for Girls

If you have a daughter or a granddaughter, chances are they love to dance!!  My Baby Pajamas carries a wide selection of pajamas with ballet ( dance) prints.   If your daughter loves to dance you should surprise her with a great pair of ballet pajamas from My Baby Pajamas.

We have in stock long sleeve pajamas, short pajama sets for girls plus nightgowns for girls.   Take your pick 🙂

All of the brands are 100% cotton pajamas for comfortable wear.   You can not go wrong with the Sara’s Prints Flower Fairies Short sets for girls or the Skivvvydoodles Pretty Ballerina Short Pajamas for Girls for this summer.

Also, don’t forget My Baby Pajamas is offering 15% off your entire order.  Use code PAJAMA15 at view cart before checkout.  Enjoy!

Sara's Prints Flower Fairies Short Pajamas for Girls

Sara’s Prints Flower Fairies Short Pajamas for Girls

Lazy One Wild Thing Monkey Kid Pajamas

Lazy One Wild Thing Monkey Kid Pajamas

My Baby Pajamas has a lot of pajamas with animals on them but the most popular request and selling animal is the monkey.   We don’t know why, but everyone likes monkey pajamas 🙂   Well, with that said, My Baby Pajamas has received a cute monkey pajama for both boys pajamas and girls pajamas.  Plus, we have the matching women’s monkey pajamas.

The kids pajamas are short sleeve with long pants which are great for spring and summer pajamas.  They are sized 2T to size 10 years and are made from 100% cotton.  The women’s monkey pajamas are sized X Small to X Large.   This are sized in junior sizes not women’s sizes.   So you might want to go up one size when ordering.  These too are made from 100% cotton.

You can not beat the prices: Lazy One Wild Thing Monkey Kid Pajamas are only $23.99.  The women’s set is $35.99.

Lazy One Wild Thing Monkey Junior Pajamas

Lazy One Wild Thing Monkey Junior Pajamas


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