My Baby Pajamas owner: Linda LevineFrom the time she was little, Linda Levine adored children and she looked forward to the day she would have children of her own. That day did come and she and her husband became parents of two precious little boys. Linda enjoyed all aspects of motherhood, especially each evening when she would slip her boys into soft and cuddly pajamas right after their bath and before story time.

Originally from the Midwest and living between California and Arizona at the time, Linda and her family would go home to visit whenever they could. During those visits, many friends and family would ask her where she purchased the adorable pajamas they saw on her boys. Linda noticed that some of the great children’s clothing available in her town weren’t available where her friends and family lived. She saw a business need she could fill and launched My Baby Pajamas, LLC in 2007.

“My Baby Pajamas is all about providing cute and highly durable children’s pajamas at a reasonable cost with the convenience of buying them online,” Linda explains. “Life is busy and as a parent, I want to make sure that my boys have the best sleep each night and I will do everything I can to contribute to that. After all, a good night’s sleep means less cranky kids in the morning. Our nightly routine along with them wearing our soft pajamas definitely helps that process along.” Linda is thrilled to now make these sweet and comfy pajamas available for others around the country.