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Skivvydoodles Groovy Nightgown

Skivvydoodles Groovy Nightgown

Temperatures are starting to heat up…summer is just around the corner.   Kids need to be comfortable to get a good nights sleep and what better way than with a Skivvydoodles girls nightgown.   My Baby Pajamas has just received two more prints in the Skivvydoodles nightgowns.

We have a large selection of kids pj’s for the summer.   We have kids short pj’s, girls nightgowns, 100% cotton footies and much more.   We also just received our At Home short pj’s for the summer for boys and girls.

Skivvydoodles Sweet Dreams Nightgown

Skivvydoodles Sweet Dreams Nightgown

Also, don’t forgot to enter our Contest to WIN a $30.00 Gift Certificate at My Baby Pajamas.  Contest ends April 25.  Details here.

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