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Handstand Friday ~ Week Three

Handstand Friday ~ Week Three

Basically, it should be week four of Handstand Friday but we had a round of the flu hit our house and none of us were up for doing much of anything.   We are all better now and back to working out!  I definitely feel myself getting stronger with my handstand and can actually hold it for a little while.   I am still by the wall just because I wasn’t feeling good last week I didn’t want to rush myself back too fast.   I am doing the handstand about 3 or 4 times a day.  My husband has even joined in the challenge.  It’s so funny to see a 6′ 4″ guy trying to do a handstand 🙂  He said once he gets better he would let me post a picture.

How’s your #handstandfriday coming along?   We would love to hear about it!  Don’t let fear hold you back from trying something new.

Happy Friday!!



I just thought I would update you on my progress with my yoga handstand.   I try to do the handstand everyday about 3 or 4 times.   It’s really the only way to get better.   My progress is coming along nicely; I still have myself by a wall for safely.   But I am now not using the wall to stay up in the handstand.  YEA!

Are you taking the #handstandfriday challenge?   How has your handstand progressed?  We would love to hear about it!  Join us and take the challenge.   Don’t be afraid to try something new 🙂

Happy Friday!




So last week I joined the UBP13 hosted by   It’s a way to meet new bloggers and companies and make new blogger friends.  I stumbled upon many wonderful blogs that I just love; some are hilarious, some are insightful and one was about running.  I just love running!!

After coming across, a blog about running, I decided to take her challenge and learn to master the yoga handstand.   Rachel calls this #handstandfriday.    So my oldest son and I are taking the challenge.   Now just to let you know we are both beginners.   Yes, I do yoga but I do hot yoga where there are no inversions.   At least not in the classes I go to.   Of course being a beginner, I watched a you tube video.   They said to start against a wall, which I did and my son did not.  Teenagers!   The pictures are of our first day.   We have been doing this for about 4 days now and I must say we are improving fast!

Are there benefits to doing a handstand?

The possible benefits of handstands include reducing anxiety and stress and increasing your self-confidence as well as your concentration abilities. Performing handstands increases the blood flow to your brain, which might rejuvenate your mental alertness and energy and improve your overall blood circulation. And if these great benefits are not enough, the handstand pose might soothe and calm your mind as well as your body, which might make them a great stress reliever.  Handstands might help increase your muscle strength without having to use weights at a gym because handstands are a body-weight exercise.

Are you up for the handstandfriday challenge?   Have you already mastered the handstand?  Do you have tips for us beginners, please share.

Happy Friday!

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