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Claesen's Denim Boy Boxers 2 Pack

Claesen’s Denim Boy Boxers 2 Pack

My Baby Pajamas have received another shipment from Claesen’s.   Today I received the Claesen’s Denim Boy Boxers 2 pack.   If your boys have not tried Claesen’s boxers, you really should give them a test run.  My oldest has unfortunately out grown the Claesen’s but my youngest literally lives them in!  When I say lives in them I mean that is all he wears.  We beg him to put clothes over his Claesen’s boxers when guest come over or even if we leave the house.   Don’t worry he doesn’t leave the house in his boxers but let me tell you it’s a fight.  He says he is just that comfortable in the boxers.  I have decided to stop fighting about it and pick my battles.   At least it’s a great product 🙂

Claesen’s Denim Boy Boxers 2 pack comes in sizes 2 years to size 14 years.   The price is $25.00 for the 2 pack.   From Amsterdam, Claesen’s is made for the active kid.  This 2 pack boxer set is made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra.   These boy boxers are perfect for underwear, sleeping or just hanging around the house!  Machine wash cold and tumble dry low for best results.

Does you child love his or her Claesen’s as much as mine?  Have you tired Claesen’s and are you a fan?

Good news!!  Claesen’s USA is back up and running.   My Baby Pajamas will be receiving our first order in about two weeks.   We will be receiving boys boxer sets and girls cami and boxer sets.   Plus, two pack of boxers for both boys and girls.  Be sure to check back with us soon.   We will update our blog as soon as they arrive 🙂

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