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Claesen's Blue Stripe Boy Boxer 2 Pack $25.00

Claesen’s Blue Stripe Boy Boxer 2 Pack $25.00

I just wanted to let everyone know that My Baby Pajamas just received a small shipment of Claesen’s boy boxers.   My Baby Pajamas received the Claesen’s Blue Stripe Boy Boxers in sizes 2 Years to 14 Years.   The 2 pack of boxer briefs is $25.00.  Also, My Baby Pajamas received more Claesen’s Star Boy Boxers and Claesen’s Denim Boy Boxers.

If your son or grandson has never tried Claesen’s boy boxer briefs they are missing out!   My youngest son lives in his Claesen’s boxers.   And I mean lives in them.   The minute he gets home from school, karate, errands, you name it, the clothes come off and he only wears his Claesen’s boy boxers around the house.   He evens sleeps in them and just them!

Just in case you don’t believe me, here is my youngest right after he came in the house from school.  Yes, he didn’t even take his shoes off!  Love this kid 🙂

My youngest in his favorite Claesen's boy boxers

My youngest in his favorite Claesen’s boy boxers

Claesen's Cobalt Boy Boxers

Claesen’s Cobalt Boy Boxers $25.00 for 2 Pack

My Baby Pajamas received two more boy boxers this week.   I know you are going to love them.   They are from the Fall 2013 collection and I am just crazy about them.   I know my youngest just loves both boy boxers because his favorite color is blue.

The Claesen’s Cobalt Boy Boxers are a stripe boxer set.  Remember, Claesen’s come in a 2 pack for the boy boxers.   Also, the Claesen’s Star Boy Boxers are navy blue with gold stars.   Both are super cute 🙂

Both pair are selling fast!  We will be receiving another shipment of both boy boxers soon.

Claesen's Star Boy Boxers

Claesen’s Star Boy Boxers $25.00 for 2 Pack

Claesen's Stripe Boy Boxer 2 pack

Claesen’s Stripe Boy Boxer 2 pack

My Baby Pajamas has received a shipment of Claesen’s boy boxers.  The boy boxers come in sizes 2 years to size 14 years and come two pairs to a pack.   They are priced great at $22.00 for the two pack.   Also, take advantage of our 20% off your entire order.  Use code SUMMER20 at view cart before checkout to save your 20% off.

From Amsterdam, Claesen’s is made for the active kid.  The 2 pack boy boxer set is made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra.   These boy boxers are perfect for underwear, sleeping or both!!  My boys wear these all summer long to sleep in the desert heat of Arizona 🙂

Claesen's Wing AOP Boy Boxer 2 pack

Claesen’s Wing AOP Boy Boxer 2 pack

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