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The American Baking Competition ReviewLast night was week 5 and with only 6 bakers left competition is getting tough.   This week the focus was on desserts.  The signature bake is eight individual custards – they can be sweet or savory.   Custard can be tricky because the eggs can curdle if you add them to the hot liquid too quickly.   A couple of the bakers had trouble with the custard; Effie’s is far undercooked, Francine’s is eggy and grainy, Elaine’s eggs curdled a bit and Brian’s is overcooked.   Darlene and James do really well on the custards.

Next is the technical bake and the bakers are asked to bake a “perfect” chocolate soufflé.  This is one task I would not want to tackle.  I have never made a soufflé before and I hear many things can go wrong when making a soufflé.   Brian, of course, thinks the judges have the amount of ingredients wrong and changes the amounts.   You can guess what happens…his is a flop! Literally!  Does Brian really think he is that great?  He really gets on my nerves.

Effie – who started out really well during the competition – appears to be deflating. She somehow managed to forget the sugar in her soufflé. She decides to just go ahead and serve the soufflé under baked because she knows it’s bad.   The remaining four bakers do very well on the soufflé’ and James (who never had baked a soufflé’) wins the technical bake.  Yea James!

On to the show stopping bake.  Keeping with the egg theme, they need to make layered desserts using meringue as a major component. Effie is determined to not give up and vows to keep in mind why she loves baking.

Effie is redeemed with her beautiful cake with simple hazelnut flavor. Francine’s is a mess and she blames Brian because he kept their shared fridge open while he decides to decorate his cake.  I told you Brian was annoying!  Luckily for Francine the judges love the favors of her cake and they hate Brian’s cake.  James falls apart on the showstopper and presents a mess of a cake.

Star baker went to Darlene again!  I think she just might win this competition.  The judges are down to Brian and Effie to send home.  I personally would have chose Brian but unfortunately the judges send home Effie because her custard and soufflé’ were both under baked.  I hate to see Effie go home.

Who do you think will be the next baker sent home?  Will it be Brian?  Who is your favorite baker to win?

Until next week, Happy Baking!

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