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Lazy One flip flop slippers are a must have during the summer…well, actually, year around.   The Lazy One Flip Flop slippers are so comfortable and soft.   The slippers come in sizes S/M (1-4)  and L/XL (5-9).   For the best fit, go by your shoe size.   My Baby Pajamas has 6 different prints in stock.   The Lazy One Text Moose-Aging Flip Flop Slipper seems to be our best seller.   We also have matching pajamas to go with the slippers so this together makes a great gift!

Be sure to check out our My Baby Pajamas Monthly Freebie Friday giveaway this month, we are giving away one pair of the Lazy One Looong Day Flip Flop slippers with the matching nightshirt.  Giveaway ends Friday, June 24.

These slippers also wash really well 🙂

Lazy One Text Moose-Aging Flip Flop Slippers

Lazy One Text Moose-Aging Flip Flop Slippers $13.00

Lazyone Flip Flop Slippers

I can't seem to take off my Lazyone Funky Moose slippers!

We received most of our Lazyone summer pajamas last week.  We also received Lazyone’s New Flip Flop slippers in 3 designs.  I decided to test out the Lazyone Funky Moose Slippers so I could let customers know how they felt and how they  hold up with wear.  Well, I can’t seem to get the slippers off my feet!  They are so comfortable!! I was really amazed at how good they felt on my feet.

The Lazyone Slippers come in size S/M  (shoe size 1-4) and L/XL (shoe size 5-9).  They are perfect for girls and women.  I have on the L/XL and I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe and I have room in the back still.   Check out the LazyOne Text Moose-Aging Slippers and the Lazyone Don’t Do Mornings Slippers.  You can also match the slippers with your pajamas.

Look for the Lazyone Slippers in the Lazyone Family Pajamas section on our website for $14.99.

Lazyone Flip Flop Slippers

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