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Do you crave junk food when you are sleep-deprived?

Which one do you crave after a night of 4 hours of sleep?

You have a big meeting in the morning and you didn’t sleep a wink or the kids kept you up all night sleep, what do you grab for breakfast?  Doughnuts! Studies show that most people eat and crave unhealthy food when they have had four hours or less of sleep.

In one study, researchers scanned people’s brains while the people looked at pictures of food. The “reward center” in sleep-deprived participants lit up more when they looked at unhealthy foods than at healthy foods, and also lit up more than the reward center of  well-rested people looking at unhealthy foods.

“Our data strongly suggests that if you’re trying to control your weight, being sleep-deprived is not good for you,” said study researcher Marie-Pierre St-Onge of the New York Obesity Researcher Center.  Also in the St. Onge New York study, 25 participants of normal weight spent five nights in a lab, alternating between getting nine hours of sleep, and four hours.   Researchers found that after the nights of only 4 hours of sleep the participants ate 300 calories more on average per day.

In another study, 16 participants were studied after getting a full night sleep and after staying awake for 24 hours straight.  All 16 participants were shown pictures of food and asked to rate their desire for that food.

Sleep-deprived people said they were more interested in the unhealthy foods, and brain scans also showed impaired activity in the frontal lobe and other brain regions associated with complex decision-making.

“When you’re sleep-deprived, you might not make appropriate food choices,” said study researcher Stephanie Greer, a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley. The brain can no longer convince itself that a healthy food is the right choice due to the health benefits, and instead it focuses on taste, the researchers said.

These studies did not record the data on the actual food the participants ate during the study.  However, the studies show that the idea that people would act on their desires for unhealthy food is a “realistic possibility.”

So next time you are reaching for the doughnut in the morning, stop and think…did I get enough sleep?

Do you suffer from not being able to sleep?  What do you do to ensure 7-8 hours of sleep a night?  Are your kids getting enough sleep?  Remember, kids need way more sleep than adults.  Plus, having comfortable pajamas from My Baby Pajamas helps too 🙂

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baby sleep tipsToday starts the beginning of the National Sleep Awareness Week.   Starting today March 7 and ending Sunday March 13th, which is also Daylight Savings Time.   You can go to the National Sleep Foundation website for more information and tips.   Also be sure to check out for information and a giveaway.  As a parent, we all know the importance of a good nights sleep.   If you have a baby remember routine is an important role in getting your baby to sleep through the night, plus comfortable pajamas 🙂

We wish everyone a good nights sleep!

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Nicole Johnson, owner of The Baby Sleep Site

Nicole Johnson, owner of The Baby Sleep Site

If you have an “easy” sleeper, you’re lucky and your baby has probably been sleeping well since she was just a few weeks old. But, if you have a baby with sleep problems, life can be more exhausting for both of you. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to childhood obesity, depression and learning difficulties, and problems only become more difficult to break as your child gets older. Using these 5 tips to tackle sleep problems in the 4- to 7-month-old-range will get you off to a great start help your baby sleep through the night.

1. Develop a Sleep Routine – Children thrive on routine and predictability. With proper nap and bedtime routines, a child will know what to expect and begin to welcome sleep as part of the daily schedule. A typical bedtime routine might last 20-30 minutes (possibly longer for spirited children) and include diaper and pajamas (the appropriate weight and style for the room temperature), a quiet game, breastfeeding/bottle/cup (for babies under 2), teeth brushing, potty (if applicable), reading, cuddling, and then lights out. A nap routine is similar to the bedtime routine, but usually shorter, about 10 minutes.

I usually exclude a bath from the bedtime routine, since I know parents may not have time or energy to bathe their child every day, and, until the kids are older and getting very dirty, there is no need. Second, if a child is spirited, a bath may actually do more to energize the him than to calm him.

2. Schedule an Early Bedtime – An early bedtime is crucial to a good night’s sleep. When babies and young children are overtired, they may have more difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep and will often wake too early in the morning. While many parents think that keeping a child up later at night is best, it’s actually the early bedtime that will lead to a more restful sleep and a later waking in the morning.

3. Ensure Baby Takes Naps – The better a child naps during the day, the better she will sleep at night because she’s less likely to be overtired at bedtime. A good nap lasts at least one hour and is in a quiet, sedentary location, versus in a stroller, swing or car, which is not nearly as restorative. Shorter, more frequent naps are common during baby’s first 6 months. If your baby is in daycare, you may need to work with your daycare providers to establish routines and limits to enable your child to nap longer.

4. Avoid Sleep Associations – Babies, like all humans, have natural sleep cycles, which are periodic awakenings throughout the night. (We rarely remember them in the morning.) If a baby falls asleep using a soothing technique, like a pacifier, bottle, nursing, or rocking, which he cannot replicate on his own when he awakens between sleep cycles, he will likely cry out for Mom or Dad to help him back to sleep. So it’s important for you to put the baby into his bed awake, so that he falls asleep on his own and will be able to put himself back to sleep during the night.

5. Manage Night Feedings – Through the first nine months, it is considered normal for babies to eat one or two times overnight. Some stop much sooner on their own accord or with just a little nudge from mom. If a baby is eating more frequently than that or she is older than nine months, you may want to consider cutting back (or cutting out) feedings. All babies are different and experts disagree as to when overnight feeding should stop. A mom knows her baby best and will be best able to determine whether she still needs to eat at night, but any more than two feedings after three months old and she probably has a sleep association with nursing or the bottle.

Nicole Johnson is a sleep coach and the owner of The Baby Sleep Site™ ( specializing in baby sleep products and consulting services. She is also the President of Babble Soft (, a premier baby software company that further helps new parents with baby sleep issues. Nicole is a wife and the mother of two boys. With a B.A. degree from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Ohio State University, Nicole has also received an honorary degree in “Surviving Sleep Deprivation,” thanks to her son’s “no sleep” curriculum. She has become an expert on infant and toddler sleep and has made it her mission to help other parents solve their child’s sleep problems, too.

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Shop Back to School Pajamas at

It’s August and that means families all over the United States are preparing for back to school.     The National Sleep Foundation has offered sleep tips to help make the transition from summer time sleep schedules to back to school sleep schedules easy for both kids and parents.

Here are a few of the tips from the National Sleep Foundation:  a few weeks before school starts, start moving their bedtime 15 minutes earlier every other night until you reach their school  bedtime.   Also, make sure you wake your child up 15 minutes earlier every other day until you reach their back to school wake up time.

Be consistent with your routine.  Be sure to stick with your new routine even on the weekends.  Also, make sure your child has a good sleeping environment.   A cool, dark and quiet room are best.  Remember the best sleeping temperature is 68 to 72 degrees.

Make sure to limit the amount of caffeine your child has after lunchtime.  Especially, if you have a young child.   Also, studies show children and adults sleep better with no TV.  The flicking light from the TV can disrupt good sleep.

  • Sleep experts generally recommend at least 10 to 11 hours of sleep for kids ages 5 to 12 and even more for younger preschool-age children.
  • Teens need about 9 1/4 hours of sleep each night to function best.

Good luck and Sleep Tight!   Be sure to check out our new arrivals for back to school pajamas.   We have already started to receive Skivvydoodles and Kicky Pants Bamboo Pajamas.

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Jack with his blanket and binkie Age 2

Every parent knows that getting your baby to sleep through the night is difficult and sometimes a long road.   Establishing a routine very early in a infants life is key but another important key is teaching your baby to fall asleep independently and staying asleep.

Everyone, including babies, will and do develop sleep associations.   These are the things we associate with bedtime.  Both my children had a favorite blanket that they took to bed with them.   My youngest also had a binkie (which is now a aide in preventing SIDS).    Many will say not to use  a binkie but we had no choice with Jack.  He was tongue tied and it was used to strengthen his tongue.   Plus, they do give it up when they are ready 🙂  Whatever it may be make sure it’s safe to be in the crib with you baby and that it’s NOT you!

We all love holding and rocking our baby.   We as parents only get to hold and rock our babies for a short part of their lives.  Experts will say not to  hold or rock your baby to sleep every night because then your baby will associate this with them sleeping.   When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, they will not be able to recreate that same sleep environment on their own because it involves you.

As your journey begins to teach your baby to sleep on their own start to introduce items to your baby that they can sleep with, such as a special blanket.  My Baby Pajamas has soft bamboo blankets by Kicky Pants.   Soon your baby will associate these items with sleep.   Then when they wake in the middle of the night, they will be able to soothe themselves back to sleep without your assistance by holding their special blanket or item.   Don’t forget comfy pajamas!

Good Luck and sleep tight!

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