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Once you survive the newborn stage of your child and start to catch up on your sleep, there are a few items we just could not live without during the infant stage of our babies.   Now, every mom is different and probably has a different top 5 list but this is just a guide to help get you started for the infant stage of life for your baby.   This is the stage when their little personality comes out and they giggle at anything.

  1. An exersaucer :  many companies make different versions.   This will be your life saver while you shower, cook a meal, you name it.  Babies love it!
  2. A baby play mat: again a lot of different companies make this item.   Be sure to find one that will wear well because you could be throwing it in the wash a lot if your baby spits up 🙂  Baby play mats are great for tummy time and learning to roll over plus most versions have mirrors which just makes a baby giggle!
  3. Pack N play : These are a life saver when you need to put the baby down.  They are great for the road, naps, and even a little alone time for your little one.
  4. Comfy baby pajamas:  did you really think we would have a top 5 list without mentioning comfy baby pajamas 🙂  These are a must to go along with your bedtime routine. 🙂
  5. Bumbo seat:  This was given as a baby shower gift and thought it was crazy looking.   Turned out to be a hit!  Nice thing about the Bumbo seat is it’s lightweight and can go anywhere with you!  Helps babies build their upper body strength too.

Enjoy this time in your babies life.  It goes by in a blink of an eye and the next thing you know they are tweens 🙂

What is something you could not live without during your child’s infant stages?  We would love to hear from you and help any new moms we can 🙂


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