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Do parents always lead by example?  Probably not, but we really should.  If parents are going to talk the talk then we really should walk the walk with our kids.  Actually, this holds true with anything.  Our kids look up to us and as they get older they are watching our every move, trust me on this one.

Today is a perfect example of leading by example:  I am an avid runner and have a race coming up in about 3 week.  Today I needed to run 6 miles for training.  This morning when I took the kids to school, I said out loud to my oldest,” When you both get home, you need to watch your brother while I go run.”  Okay, this was my mistake!  Guess what?  I didn’t feel like running today at A-L-L!  Yesterday, I thought I would help my body out and decided to do power yoga to stretch my muscles from running.   Bad idea.  I woke up swore.  I thought it would get better as I went to work and started to move around.  It didn’t.   All I wanted to do was put my Esme pajamas on, bathe my younger son and put his favorite boys pajamas on and watch TV.   This was not going to happen.  My oldest had a basketball game and my husband was going to the hockey game.  Damn!

Now fast forward to me sitting on the computer checking my emails.   My oldest comes in and asks me when I am going to go run.  Ugh!  I don’t feel like running at A-L-L.   And as I am about to tell him this, I stop and think about his basketball game tonight.   I know my husband and I will tell him to play hard and hustle.  If I tell him I am not going to run, I know he will say something to me about training for the race and playing sports blah blah blah!!  Yes, this is what teenagers do; throw everything back in your face 🙂  So I say to him, I am getting ready to go now.

Shoes are laced up and I am heading out the door, still not wanting to run at A-L-L.   But as my feet start to hit the pavement and I get into my groove…nothing.   I still really don’t want to run.  We all have our days:)  But I did the 6 miles.  Probably the worst 6 miles I have done but I did them and it felt good just to finish.

Now, it’s time to go to my son’s basketball game.   Guess what?  He’s dragging his feet to get ready.   He’s tired blah, blah, blah.   Good thing I went and ran because now I can use this as an example that sometimes we don’t feel like doing something but we suck it up and just do it.   Well, it wasn’t the best game of my son’s life but he went and played and played hard.   They lost in overtime by 1 point and they were heartbroken.  But they all played hard and did their best.  You can’t win them all:)

Parenting 101-leading by example

Esme Pink Cami and Lounger Set with Fuchsia Trim for Women

Esme Pink Cami and Lounger Set with Fuchsia Trim for Women

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is just around the corner 🙂  What better why to say “I Love you Mom” than with My Baby Pajamas new Esme Ladies pajamas.   We promise these will be the best pair of pajamas your mom has ever had!!   Esme Women’s pajamas are super soft and perfect for spring/summer pajamas.   We just love ours!!

Esme is new to My Baby Pajamas and is really starting to sell.   We have two prints in the Esme Women’s pajamas to choose from: Esme Pink Cami and Lounger with Fuchsia Trim for Women and the Esme Grey Cami and Grey Lounger with Pink Trim for Women.   Trust us, your mom will Thank you 🙂

Esme Pink Cami and Lounger with Fuschia Trim for Women

Esme Pink Cami and Lounger with Fuschia Trim for Women

My Baby Pajamas is excited to have these awesome women pajamas ~ Esme pajamas for women.   We promise these pajamas will be your favorite pajamas ever 🙂   Esme pajamas for women are made from 47% cotton, 47% modal and 6% spandex.

My Baby Pajamas has had a lot of request to bring in a higher quality brand for women’s pajamas.  Well, we think we delivered with Esme pajamas for women.   We have only brought in two prints and one style to see how they do but we are sure they will be a best seller.   So if you are looking for a high quality women’s pajamas look no farther, Esme pajamas for women is your answer.

Esme pajamas for women will make a great Mother’s Day gift 🙂  Remember, Mother’s Day is just right around the corner.

My Baby Pajamas has added another brand to our family.   We are proud to say we now offer Esme pajamas for girls and ladies, plus Esme girls underwear!!  We have had a lot of request from customers to bring in this line and we are excited Esme is finally here.   Esme pajamas for girls are snug fitting and meet all CPSC standards.   We promise these will be your little girls favorite pajamas and underwear!!

Don’t worry we didn’t forget mom.   My Baby Pajamas has brought in two pairs of ladies pajamas to match your little girls!   Again, we promise these will be your favorite pair.   In fact, I have mine on write now as I write this blog 🙂  My new favorite!!

Esme girls underwear come in packs of 3.   They are sized 2t-14-16 years.   The pajamas are sized 2t – 14 years.   Esme ladies pajamas and loungewear come in sizes small, medium and large.

Enjoy Esme pajamas!!

Esme Grey Cami and Grey Lounger with Pink Trim for Women                                    Esme Snug fit Cami and Boxer Set in Chocalate Daisies with Pink Trim

My Baby Pajamas ~ Esme Pajamas for Girls

My Baby Pajamas is excited to announce the arrival of Esme pajamas for girls and women.   We will also carry Esme undergarments for girls.   If you have never heard of Esme, here is a little about their company profile:

Esme, a manufacturer, based now in the suburbs, got
its start in July 2001.  The company was created by two
sisters, who works hard to sustain and maintain the
popularity of their toddler/girl’s essentials launched in
2003.  Initially a clothing manufacturer, Esme did basic
4 comfort pieces, and became a popular demand.  That
is when, Sara Oh, finally decided to dedicate the line to
only to basic comforts.  This high demand brought
Esme to include a small basic grouping in toddler,
girls, women and maternity.  Thus began the start of a
wonderful journey, meeting the right kind of sales
representatives, that made Esme become a true reality
with the company’s motto, “wear it. live in it”.

My Baby Pajamas will receive our first Esme shipment in about 2 weeks.   We are very excited to welcome Esme to our family.  We have had many request from our customers to bring in the Esme line and we look forward to providing Esme to our customers.

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Hello and welcome! I am a 40 something year old mom of two boys, living in Scottsdale, AZ with my husband Al. I started My Baby Pajamas in 2007 and have watched it grow and mature. I love to blog but am not much of a writer per say. I am a avid runner and love to compete in races. I like my yoga HOT and love to hike with my family and our pit bull mix dog, Chance. My favorite time is hanging with my family and cooking homemade dinners and hearing about everyone's day while my husband and I enjoy a glass of wine.

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