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While it might seem like a regular task, buying children’s sleepwear is not a simple matter. Whether its boys’ pajamas or girls, certain considerations have to be kept in mind. Depending on the child’s age, they may also want to have a say about what they wear at nighttime. Some of the more important factors that help in selecting children’s sleepwear are discussed below.


As with any other clothing purchases for children, comfort is important. When it comes to girls’ pajamas, whether footed or not, how they fit matters. If they are too tight, little ones will be quite uncomfortable. Children who can talk will be able to express their discomfort more easily.

With toddlers and babies, parents have to pay particular attention to the fit. Clothing that is too tight can restrict movement and even affect circulation. Take note of any disruption in their sleep patterns.

Size is not the only consideration when it comes to comfort, however. The type of material used to make the sleepwear is also important. In fact, different types of sleepwear should be bought for different seasons. Pajamas made of lightweight material are better for warmer months.

Cottons and light fleece are commonly used for summer. For babies, this is especially important since they are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Overheated infants tend to be irritable and fussy.

Warm wool-like fabric is the best choice during the colder winter months. Footed varieties are also ideal for this period. Some even have hoods to protect little heads as well.


This also plays an important role when buying boys’ and girls’ pajamas. This means that that garments should not present any trip or choking hazards. Sleepwear that is the wrong size can cause children to trip on hems while going to the bathroom in the night. For smaller kids, little feet can get tangled and this can lead to injuries.

For some reason a lot of fires tend to happen in the night. This is why many manufacturers of children’s nightwear have been using fire retardant in the material used. As such, the sleepwear takes longer to ignite giving parents more time to rescue their young ones.  If your pajamas are not treated the pajamas need to be snug fitting.

Other safety issues to be on the lookout for are coarse tags that can be a source of irritation. Press studs and other easily removable parts can be problematic. If your child is one who likes to break things or put things in the mouth, it best to choose clothing with Velcro or zip closures.


The wide variety available can be confusing, as some parents find it hard to choose. Many manufacturers have signed deals enabling them to use characters from cartoons. These are especially appealing to young children so they usually make good picks.

Color palettes have also increased tremendously. As such, children’s sleepwear comes in just about any color and pattern imaginable. No matter how fussy your big kid is, you will be able to find something suitable.

While style is important, parents should also be practical. Many children need to go to the bathroom during the night. If you choose all-in-one nightwear for boys get those with easy to open fronts. For babies, onsies are convenient as they make diaper changes much easier.

Not everyone realizes that children’s pajamas can actually affect their quality of sleep. A fussy baby may be like that because the pajamas are too tight or the material is irritating. When it comes to nighttime rest, any boys’ or girls’ pajamas that are purchased should be comfortable enough to sleep in.

Once you know what to look for it becomes easier to buy boys’ or girls’ pajamas hassle-free. Online shopping also makes it easier to find what is needed. When it comes to buying children’s sleepwear, knowledge is power.

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