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Sweet Peanut Prima Baby Footie Pajamas

Sweet Peanut Prima Baby Footie Pajamas

Are you in the need of baby footie pajamas?  Sweet Peanut baby footie pajamas are what you are looking for.  These baby footie pajamas are made from 100% cotton and are made to fit your baby snug.

Sweet Peanut  are such a great company.   They are a family owned business owned by wife and husband.  They have the cutest footie pajamas and our next Fall order from Sweet Peanut will be made from 100% organic pajamas.

Some of our best sellers of the Sweet Peanut baby footie pajamas are the Sweet Peanut Prima Baby Footie pajamas and the Sweet Peanut Working Machines Baby Footie pajamas.

Don’t forget to save 15% off your entire order.  Use code PAJAMA15 at view cart before checkout.

Sweet Peanut Working Machines Baby Footie Pajamas

Sweet Peanut Working Machines Baby Footie Pajamas


My Baby Pajamas has added a “New Brand” to our awesome list of pajamas…Sweet Peanut Footie Pajamas.    Sweet Peanut footie pajamas are made from 100% cotton and are made to fit snug.  You are going to love these footie pajamas !  Here is their story:

The Sweet Peanut Storyf06 blue boy sitting

Seven years ago we gave birth to our first child and as every parent will tell you, our life has never been the same.  Two years later his little brother introduced himself and the solid unit of our family of four was born.

Five years ago we also gave birth to our third creation, The Sweet Peanut Clothing Company. And, stepping back at the completion of the company’s fifth year, it is remarkable how similar the two journeys of parent  hood and business creation have been.

Sweet Peanut also began as a small and intimate project, born of some late night soul searching about the direction of our lives as evolving people.  With one courageous step  I left my fast paced and high profile job in advertising for a uncertain journey, filled only with faith and hope.  Similar still were the late and sleepless nights with a “newborn” company –  figuring out schedules and rhythms – constant questions for seasoned mentors and awe and gratitude as this whole being began to take shape.

And, most importantly, for us, we have had so many new parents in the last five years react so positively  to our mission of creating a line of clothing with a sense of play, a dash of functionality and a whole lot of comfort.  We have succeeded in creating an offering for design savvy parents and comfort loving babies.

About Me:

Hello and welcome! I am a 40 something year old mom of two boys, living in Scottsdale, AZ with my husband Al. I started My Baby Pajamas in 2007 and have watched it grow and mature. I love to blog but am not much of a writer per say. I am a avid runner and love to compete in races. I like my yoga HOT and love to hike with my family and our pit bull mix dog, Chance. My favorite time is hanging with my family and cooking homemade dinners and hearing about everyone's day while my husband and I enjoy a glass of wine.

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