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My Baby Pajamas is making room for our Spring pajamas and we are trying to clear out the winter pajamas.   For this weekend only, My Baby Pajamas is offering 50% off your entire order.  Yes, this includes all our pajamas already marked down.  Save up to 80% off select pajamas.   Use code MBP50 at view cart before checkout to receive your 50% off your order.

Now is the time to stock up on footie pajamas for next year.

Sale ends on Sunday, January 27,2013.  Happy Shopping!

My Baby Pajamas is offering everyone 50% off their entire order Today only.   We had only offered this to our newsletter subscribers for Saturday until Monday (Today) but decided to extend it to everyone.  To receive your 50% off your entire order, please use the code MLK50 at view cart before checkout.   This sale will end tonight at midnight CST.  Now is the time to buy and stock up 🙂

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Happy Shopping 🙂

Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread

Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread

My Baby Pajamas recipe of the week is Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread.  This past week after guest had left from the holidays, I noticed I had bananas that were just too ripe.   So the best thing to do with too ripe bananas is make banana bread!!  My youngest son loves banana bread 🙂  He was excited that I was going to make it for him.   But I wanted to try something new.  I went to Pinterest and found this fabulous recipe!  The cinnamon was not over powering at all.   I will say that if you are going to make it and not eat the whole loaf in one sitting, use plastic wrap to store instead of a air tight container.  We found that the cinnamon was a little soggy the next day.

Do you have a great recipe you would like to share?  Just email us at  Please attach a photo if you can.  If your recipe is chosen, you will win a $25.00 Gift Certificate to our website :)  Who doesn’t want free kids pajamas?

I found this recipe on  Here is the link for the recipe.  Enjoy baking!

My Baby Pajamas Tuesday Cook Off

Kicky Pants Bamboo Crimson Starry Sky L/S Pajama Set

Kicky Pants Bamboo Crimson Starry Sky L/S Pajama Set

My Baby Pajamas has received another shipment of Kicky Pants Bamboo Winter pajamas.   We received footie pajamas and long sleeve pajama sets.  Kicky Pants Bamboo pajamas are one of our best sellers and we are making an effort to carry more styles and sizes for our customers.   If you haven’t tried Kicky Pants Bamboo pajamas yet, you really are missing out.   These are such a comfortable pajama and material.   You really should try them.  Now is a great time too because My Baby Pajamas is having our Winter Pajama SALE.   You can save 25% off your entire order by using code AFTER25.

Don’t know a lot about Bamboo pajamas?  Here is a little information: Bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable crop that grows wild without the aid of fertilizers or pesticides.  Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic.  Bamboo absorbs water 3-4 times better than cotton, keeping skin comfortable, rather than sticky.  And, bamboo stays 2-3 degrees cooler in the hot weather and 2-3 degrees warmer in the cold weather.

Happy Shopping 🙂

Kicky Pants Bamboo Twilight Starry Sky Footie Pajamas

Kicky Pants Bamboo Twilight Starry Sky Footie Pajamas

Kicky Pants Bamboo Boy Winter Stripe Footie Pajamas

Kicky Pants Bamboo Boy Winter Stripe Footie Pajamas

My Baby Pajamas New Year's Resolutions

I really don’t do resolutions…ever! But as I put 2012 behind me I decided there are a few things I would like to change (who doesn’t want to change a few things).  A new year is a time to reflect on the changes you want or need to make and then follow through with the changes.   With that being said, I have made a list.   Will I get to all of these this year…probably not but they are definitely within reach.

1.  Run a full marathon.  As a avid runner, I have ran many races, 5K, 10K and half of marathons.  But I have never ran a full 26.2 mile marathon.   Will I have time for this this year, probably not because of work and family.   But it’s definitely something that I would like to complete.  If someone has a great training plan for a working, busy mom please pass it on to me 🙂

2. Get my house better organized and for it to stay organized.   Here’s the thing, I can organize well.   It’s the 3 boys in this house that can NOT.  I spend hours trying to clean and organize rooms in the house to find my 7 year old pulling old school papers out of the trash saying, Mommy why did you throw away my spelling test from last year!  Much help is needed here.

3.  Travel to somewhere new.  With my husband and I being from Illinois and we live in Arizona it seems we are always going on vacation were a family member lives.  Yes, I think it’s great for our boys to see and know their relatives but sometimes you need a change.  Yes, we do go up North here in the snow to ski with friends too but again, it’s something we always do.  So this year, I have told my husband we are taking the boys somewhere new in the summer.   Hawaii is on the list 🙂

4.  Learn how to use our Canon professional camera.  When it comes to blogging or taking pictures of the kids, I am guilty of using my camera phone.  Even when I am taking pictures of the Tuesday Cook off food pictures, I use my phone.   Now, I know my pictures would come out much nicer if I used our Canon camera but I admit I am lazy to learn how to use it.

5.  Sell my husband’s truck.  I know what your thinking, sell your husband’s truck. Why is this on your resolutions list?  Well, because we want it gone!!  My husband has a Ford F350 Dually Diesel that is lifted too.  My boys love the truck.  I mean what boy wouldn’t.  But gas is so expensive and now my husband has a sales job where it doesn’t look great rolling up in a dually diesel truck.   So I am praying we sell the truck this week not this year 🙂  Please send us positive thoughts on selling LOL

So what is on your new year’s resolution list?   Be more fit, get a better job, have your kids sleep through the night, sell a truck…whatever it is I hope everything works out for you.

Happy New Year from My Baby Pajamas !!

P.S. SAVE 25% off your entire order by using code AFTER25 at view cart before checkout.

My Baby Pajamas Winter SALE.  SAVE 15% off entire order

My Baby Pajamas Winter SALE. SAVE 15% off entire order

My Baby Pajamas is having a winter SALE.   Time to stock up for the holidays and the cold weather.  My Baby Pajamas has discontinued many brands of pajamas and have marked them down in price!!  We are making room for the brands we will be carrying: Kicky Pants Bamboo Pajamas, Claesen’s, Esme for Girls, Thingamajjies4kids Pajamas (made in the USA), Sweet Peanut Organic Footie Pajamas and New Jammies Organic pajamas.  Everything else MUST GO!!  Plus, you save an extra 15% off all SALE pajamas.

Don’t know what to get for your niece, nephew or grandchild…pajamas make the perfect gift!!  Everyone needs pajamas 🙂

Please be sure to share our sale!!

My Baby Pajamas Fun Facts on Pajamas

My Baby Pajamas Fun Facts on Pajamas

Did you know pajamas originated in the Middle East?   Do you know what pajama means?  My Baby Pajamas thought we would share some fun facts on pajamas.   We just love pajamas!

Fact #1: The first people to wear pajamas according to were men and women in Turkey, Iran and India. The word “pajama” stems from the Persian word pae — meaning ‘leg’ — and jamah, meaning ‘clothing garment’.

Fact #2: Pajamas are defined as night clothes with loose pants and a jacket.  Jacket? Really?  That does not sound comfortable.

Fact #3: Pajamas originated as “loose drawers or pants that were tied at the waist” — therefore the terms pajama pants or pajama bottoms are redundant:)

Fact #4:  2011, US Airways flight attendants escorted University of New Mexico football player, Deshon Marman off of a flight for wearing sagging pajama pants on a plane arguing that he violated their dress code. Only a week early than this incident, a cross dressing man wearing women’s underwear and no pants was allowed to board his flight despite complaints from other passengers.

Fact #5: In January 2012, Michael Williams, a commissioner in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, proposed an ordinance prohibiting people from wearing pajamas in public.

Have a fun fact about pajamas?  Please share.  We love to hear from our customers and followers.

Don’t forget, My Baby Pajamas is having our Fall SALE.   Save big $$ on Lazy One Pajamas, At  Home Pajamas, Skivvydoodles and many more.  Plus, an extra 20% off the entire website.

Muslim Girl in pajamas in 1870

My Baby Pajamas Tuesday Cook Off

Carrot Cake Cookies…YUM!

My Baby Pajamas recipe of the week is Carrot Cake Cookies.   This is a healthy treat that the whole family will enjoy.   Adults will enjoy them plain but for my boys I did put Cream Cheese icing on top 🙂
These cookies are a perfect dessert for the fall.

Do you have a great recipe you would like to share?  Just email us at  Please attach a photo if you can.  If your recipe is chosen, you will win a $25.00 Gift Certificate to our website :)  Who doesn’t want free kids pajamas?

This recipe is from magazine.  Just click on the link here to get the recipe: Carrot Cake Cookies.

My Baby Pajamas Tuesday Cook Off

My Baby Pajamas FALL Clearance

My Baby Pajamas is having a clearance SALE.   We are no longer carrying the Lazy One pajamas, At Home pajamas, Skivvydoodles and more.   We have marked down tons of pajamas.  Save up to 70% off select pajamas.   We have marked down pajamas 50% off and we are still offering an additional 20% off your entire order.  Be sure to shop now because once these brands and pajamas are gone…we will not be getting any more in stock.

My Baby Pajamas is going to focus on our best selling pajamas: Kicky Pants pajamas, Claesen’s, Esme for girls and women, Sweet Peanut Organic footie pajamas, Thingamaiggies4kids pajamas and New Jammies Organic pajamas for baby, toddlers and kids!  By doing this, My Baby Pajamas will be able to bring in more prints, sizes and quantities.  We will still be offering Sara’s Prints Christmas pajamas too 🙂

My Baby Pajamas October Freebie Friday

My Baby Pajamas October giveaway is starting late this month and we apologize.   We were busy putting pajamas on SALE.  Be sure to check out our SALE.   This month My Baby Pajamas is giving one to one lucky winner (1) one pair of our Lazy One Pink Pirates Pajamas for Women.   These pajamas are perfect for the fall with long pants and short sleeves.   The pajamas come in sizes XS to size XL for women.

Here is how to enter to win:

  • Main entry: Answer the question on this blog post: What is your favorite Fall dinner?  It’s starting to get cold out, let’s share our favorite recipes 🙂
  • extra entry: subscribe to our newsletter for our website ( already subscribe, let us know).
  • extra entry: Follow us on Twitter
  • extra entry: Like us on Facebook
  • extra entry: Follow us on Pinterest
  • Must have a U.S. Mailing address and be 18 years or older to enter.   Good Luck!

This giveaway will end on Friday, October,  26, 2012.   The winner will be announced a few days after.  Winner is selected by

Lazy One Pink Pirates Pajamas for Women

Lazy One Pink Pirates Pajamas for Women



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