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Getting a Rescue Dog

Getting a Rescue Dog

Thinking about getting a dog for your family?   If you are, please consider a rescue dog over buying a dog from a breeder or pet store.   I know it seems buying  your family dog in a pet store is the better choice but do your research before you buy your dog.  A lot of pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills and the puppies live in horrible conditions after they are born.

Each year millions of innocent dogs and cats are tortured, neglected, abandoned, and abused. These strays struggle to survive under stressful and often  horrific circumstances .  Ultimately, these animals end up in municipal animal shelters or welfare organizations, and if they are too weak or ill, or in any way display aggressive behavior (keep in mind that they are terrified and traumatized in their new environment), they will be euthanized.

There are many reasons animals need up at a animal shelter or rescue organization.  A lot of times it’s not because they were a stray dog wondering the streets.   A lot of times the animal is surrendered to an animal welfare organization or shelter because of various reasons (i.e., divorce, separation, relocation, financial loss and so on) that we may never comprehend.   Sometimes it’s because owners didn’t realize how much work a puppy was going to be so they give it to a shelter.

If you have a certain breed in mind be sure to check your area because I would bet there is a animal rescue for that particular breed.

Choosing a rescue dog over a purchased puppy from a pet store will not solve the pet overpopulation problem; remember only responsible pet owners and breeders can do that!   However, choosing a rescue dog or cat does give many animals a chance they otherwise would not have.  Adopting a rescue dog can be the best decision and addition to the family you ever made.  Rescue a dog and get a devoted friend for life.  Plus, you will be saving his life 🙂

Meet our rescue dogs:  Chance is a Pit Bull/Lab mix who is one and half years old.   He is such a gentle soul and just loves to run!  Zeus is a Puggle.   He’s 3/4 pug and 1/4 beagle.    He really is all PUG.   If you know the breed…need I say more 🙂   Both have been such a wonderful addition to our family.

Thinking for getting a rescue dog?  Do you are ready have a rescue dog?  If so, how has it turned out?  Would you get another rescue later?

Getting a Rescue Dog

Meet Zeus

Getting a Rescue Dog

Meet Chance!


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