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Homemade Drain Solutions

Homemade Drain Solutions

Do you ever get a backed up drain in your sink?  Unfortunately, this seems to happen more than I would like with my sink.   My husband and I have double sinks in our bathroom.  In fact, so do our boys in their bathroom.  However, it seems my sink is the favorite sink in the house!  Everyone uses my sink to brush their teeth and do their hair.  So I don’t need to tell you how much hair gets stuck in my sink.   A LOT!

Since I was cleaning out my drain about very month, I decided to do some research on homemade drain solutions.   I have been lucky with finding homemade window cleaning solutions and homemade glass door cleaning solutions; I figured I had to be able to find a homemade drain solution that I could make with ingredients I had in my pantry.  Well, I was right!

Now this homemade drain solution will not unclog a nasty clog but it will take care of a normal clog in a drain.  Plus, the bonus is that almost everyone has the three ingredients in their house.


Equal parts:

Salt, Vinegar, and Baking Soda

First, pour the cup of salt and the Baking Soda down the drain; let it sit a minute or two.   Then slowly pour the Vinegar-it should fizz.

Let it sit 20 minutes at least.  Then pour VERY hot water down the drain.  It should work itself out and if not then the plunger should come in handy.

I just used a 1/2 cup of the three ingredients and it was perfect.   It was not a clog but a very slow moving drain!!  Very slow!!

Good Luck!!

Do you have a great homemade cleaning recipe?  Please share!  I just love using homemade cleaning solutions for tough cleaning.

Ingredients for homemade drain solution

Ingredients for homemade drain solution

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

This is probably the job I hate most about cleaning the house.   In fact, I know it’s the job I hate most…cleaning the glass shower doors!  Besides this job, I actually like to clean.  It’s relaxing for me and I love a clean house!

But because this is the cleaning job I hate the most, sometimes it gets done every other week.  Which actually makes it that much harder to clean.  I have tried every over the counter product sold in stores.  Nothing seems to really work.  I will say our glass shower doors are old too.  This is the last room in the house that has NOT been remodeled (we are actually starting to look to remodel, yea).  Anyway, since nothing I buy seems to work on the soap scum I decided to make my own homemade cleaner.  Here is what I have tried and have found to work.  If you have any other suggestions or ideas, I would love to hear about them.

Fabric Softener – adding one cup of fabric softener to one liter of warm water is an effective way to get rid of that residue and soap scum on your glass shower door. Simply wipe the mixture on the door and then rinse it off with warm water from your shower.  If you happen to have a dryer and have dryer sheets handy, then wipe the dryer sheets along the shower door. This can also remove the soap scum.

Vinegar – vinegar is the one item that every household should have. It is effective and safe in cleaning a number of different things and your glass shower door is no different. Simply put white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray onto the shower door. Scrub the mixture onto the screen with a nonscratch pad before rinsing off with warm water. Make sure you label the spray bottle so that you know what item is in there. You don’t want your kids to find the spray bottle and assume it is water.

Lemon Juice and Salt – this is the most effective option if your glass shower doorframes are made out of metal. Over time you may notice that rust forms, which can make your shower, look dirty and old as well. Combine one tablespoon of lemon juice to two tablespoons of salt and form a paste. Using a toothbrush, scrub the mixture into the corners where the rust is forming. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.  I found this to really work well on our metal area.

Do you have any other suggestions about cleaning glass shower doors?  Is it the chore you hate the most?  We would love to hear from you!

Happy Cleaning!

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