It was exactly 8:51 pm on a Sunday evening and I was sitting at the kitchen counter on the computer scrolling through Facebook.   My youngest son was looking over my shoulder and commenting on the photos.  He then looked at me and said, “Mom, are you always on Facebook?”  This made me stop and think…am I on Facebook a lot?  I didn’t think so but maybe I don’t realize how much time in a day I waste looking through Facebook.   I decided right there without really thinking to Deactivate my account.   But right before I pushed the button I did a quick search and realized if I deactivated my personal account my business account would be deactivated too.   I didn’t want that! So I made a promise to my youngest son that for 7 days I would NOT go on Facebook.   Maybe after 7 days I will be able to answer the question: What do I get out of Facebook personally?  So at that moment of 8:51 pm my son and I went to my personal page and said our farewells to family and friends for 7 days!!

Day 1:  It’s Monday morning at 6:45 am.   My husband just left for work and the boys are still sleeping.  I go to the kitchen and make myself a bowl of cereal.  I sit down in front of the computer and check my emails.   I do a check of the website for orders that may have come in over night and then I start to type into my browser.   NOT so fast! I remember my challenge with my son.  This could be harder than I thought.

Day 2:  Wow! I am so shocked how easy this challenge is so far.  It’s Tuesday and not really missing Facebook that much.   Now I will say I am missing doing some Facebook on my business page but a deal is a deal 🙂  I did have one post scheduled for yesterday for my business page before the challenge was made.  So at least one post will be made this week!

Day 3 through Day 7:  I can’t believe how easy this time was for me.   After the first two days of opening Facebook out of habit I really didn’t even think about Facebook!  I am surprised how easy this challenge was for me.  Plus, I am shocked that after the second day I was out of the habit of opening up Facebook on the computer or my phone.

So what did I gain from this challenge?  Well, I realized that I use Facebook for business, which is important when you own a small business and rely on word of mouth for customers 🙂  Plus, the other thing I learned from this challenge is that I talk to a lot of my family through Facebook so for that week I really didn’t talk to them and I missed them!  Moving forward I am going to try not to use Facebook to waste time that I will never get back.   I told my youngest son that I would no longer sit in the evenings on my phone looking on Facebook and use that time more wisely.

I survived 7 days without Facebook.  Are you up for a No Facebook challenge?  Do you think you could live without Facebook for 7 days? Let us know how you did if you do the challenge.

Good Luck!