The idea of Black Friday is soon going to be history.   Retailers are opening up earlier and earlier each year.   This year a lot of retailers will be open on Thanksgiving Day.  Now, the retailers tell us that they are responding to our needs as consumers.   This partially could be true but we all know the truth is that every retailer is hurting.   Let’s face it; I do at least 65% off my shopping online for the holidays. What about you?   Plus, I own a small online store 🙂  But I still enjoy the tradition of Black Friday.  This is when retailers go from being in the RED to the BLACK!

I like the idea of getting up really early on Black Friday with friends and family and heading out and hitting the stores and fingers crossed you might actually get a door buster sale.   But there is no way I will be going out at 6 pm on Thanksgiving to shop.   Even I have limits 🙂   It’s still Thanksgiving and we are usually still sitting around the table and sipping wine while the kids play outside.  How could anyone think of shopping when you’re still too full to move?

Costco and Nordstrom will be remaining closed on Thanksgiving Day…hats off to these two retailers!  They are my new favorite stores.

Will you head out on Thanksgiving Day in hopes of getting a door buster deal?  Or will you too be sipping wine still?