Early wake up call :)

Early wake up call 🙂

The alarm went off at 5:00 am on Sunday morning.  I was so tempted to hit snooze because our pittie baby kept us up all night.   But instead I hit the alarm off and started to get ready for the half marathon I was about to run in two hours.   This wasn’t my first half marathon, in fact, I have run more than a dozen of them in the last 3 years but this race was different…I was missing my running partners, both of them!  If you have never run a race before your running partner is pretty important if you keep the same pace and push each other.   This race I was going solo.

After I was dressed and ate my Cheerios with banana and had everything packed for the race, I woke my husband so he could drop me off by the bus drop off.  I was meeting some girls at 6:20.   Just enough time to get to the start line and make a last minute bathroom break before the start at 7 am.   By this time I was starting to get nervous…no running partner.  UGH!  I had my new Garmin Forerunner 410 (a present from my husband) ready for action and had the virtual partner set for an 8:20 pace.  Last year I ran this same race at an 8:24 pace and a time of 1:50:02.   With or without a partner, I wanted to beat last years time.

Women's Running Series Starting Line 2013

Women’s Running Series Starting Line 2013

It was 6:58 and I finally shed my jacket and tossed it into the donation pile.  I double checked my Garmin watch and made sure that my virtual partner was set.   Virtual partner don’t fail me now 🙂  I looked at my group and wished everyone luck and at 7 am we are off and running!

So I am not going to bore you with mile-by-mile detail but I would like to say that I love the sport of running and all the people.   Most people think that runners are a different breed but us runners stick together and encourage each other out there running.  By mile 3 I noticed a girl keeping the same pace as me.   Either I was in front of her or she was in front of me.   I decided this would be my new running partner:)  I just needed to stick by her.  By mile 12 we were still neck in neck and even smiling to each other to encourage each other.  We had just finished a hill and were both about to stop but we just looked at each other and said we got this.   When we crossed the finish line together we both turned to each other and automatically hugged each other and congratulated each other.   We even had the photographer take our picture together.  We told each other thank you and walked away.   It didn’t dawn on me until I was telling the story to my husband that I never even got her name.  So runner with the bib # 1311, thank you thank you thank you and what is your name?

So how do you think I did?  I beat last years time!! Yea!!  My results were 1:49:11 with an 8:20 pace.

Overall I was 158 out of 2097 runners.  In my age group (40-44) I finished 27 out of 370.   Not too bad for running solo!

P.S.  I love my new Garmin Forerunner 410!  Do you have one?  Do you just love it?  If not, what running watch do you have?

Women's Running Series Finish Line 2013

Women’s Running Series Finish Line 2013