I just thought I would share an easy idea for a Halloween craft for kids.   If you are a room mom for your child’s class and they are going to have a Halloween party you might be looking for ideas.   My youngest son’s class is having a contest this Halloween party.   It’s decorate a CAN contest.   Use a coffee can for the base of the project.

My son is loving his ATA karate so he wanted to decorate his can somehow karate.   Pictured is his coffee can and I think he came up with a great idea.    He did a karate mummy with the eyes lighting up.   He came up with the eyes lighting up himself and I was worried we would not be able to find anything.   Well, the Dollar Store had our solution…battery powered tea lights. You can get them in square shape or circle shape.   Great to know for all the upcoming holiday crafts 🙂

Halloween Coffee Can Craft

Halloween Coffee Can Craft

What you will need:

  • battery powered tea lights (Dollar Store)
  • coffee can
  • gauze rolls (about 3 yards)
  • karate belt
  • nunchucks (Dollar Store)

Honestly, you could do all kinds of creative ideas for Halloween with a coffee can.  I liked the idea of doing a pumpkin too!