Benefits of Karate for Kids

Benefits of Karate for Kids

Last week my youngest son started karate lessons.  When he came to my husband and I and declared he wanted to take karate we were of course a little hesitant.   Not of the karate itself.  In fact, I love the martial arts and the benefits of doing them.   I actually use to be a kick boxer myself.  I loved it!!  I did it when my husband and I lived in California.  It was the best physical and mental workout of my life.   It still saddens me I cannot find a kickboxing gym like the one in California.   Anyway, back to my youngest son.  It wasn’t that we didn’t want him to take karate, it was that we thought he would go once and see how focus you have to be in class and quit.   Well, we are only 5 classes into karate and so far so good.  He really seems to like it and is always practicing.   And the focus part…he is really impressing me how focus he is during class.  If he could only be this focused at home things would be great.   I think this might actually turn into something good and not money thrown out the window 🙂  I am sure a lot of you can relate to that area.   Sign me up, pay the money, and then quit.   So we are only on our second week but I will keep you posted.   We signed him up for two months under a trial and it included the uniform.

So after seeing how the kids act during class and how they respect the instructor, I decided to research the benefits of karate for kids.   There are benefits for both physical and mental.

Physical Benefits:

  • Improved coordination
  • Increased performance in all physical activities
  • Improved strength
  • Better flexibility
  • It’s a great cardio workout
  • Improved balance
  • Ability to defend yourself

Mental Benefits:

  • Improved concentration for better study habits
  • Confidence in knowing you can defend yourself
  • Confidence in knowing how to deal with bullies and other confrontations
  • Self-esteem
  • Respect for yourself and those around you
  • Motivation and an ‘I Can Do It’ attitude 

Does your child do Karate?  What benefits have you noticed in your child from doing karate?  Maybe you do karate…please share your thoughts on karate/martial arts?