Random Thoughts of the Day

It’s that time again when my mind is racing with useless random thoughts.   Sometimes it can be so time consuming with all the thoughts running through my head.   It’s probably because I haven’t been able to run the last couple of days.   I have been under the weather with horrible sinus problems.   What are you thinking about right now?

1.   My youngest lost a tooth last night…while sleeping.  Who loses a tooth when they are sleeping?   Has this happened to any one else’s child?

2.   I now have a teenager that should help with chores, why is it that I am still the one putting out the trash all the time?

3.  Why does my dog get a sudden burst of energy right before we go to bed or/and are in bed.   It’s not like we don’t exercise him.   Does this happen to anyone else?

4.  Watching Modern Family while writing this blog.   I just love that show.  Did you know that the character Luke (Nolan Gould) graduated High School at age 13!

5.  What’s the going rate for a lost tooth?

6.  I love Instagram!!  A lot of my friends live all over the country.  We use Instagram to stay up to date on everything in our lives.

7.  Really can’t think because my head is pounding to bad!  I hate sinus infections 😦

What are your random thoughts?