For the Love of my Pit Bull


In June of 2012 we lost our beloved pug, Hobbes.   He was 15 years old and lived a great life.  Being a dog family and having two boys who begged and begged for a new dog, my husband and I decided we would rescue a dog.   We did our research and have a friend who volunteers for a local dog rescue.   On a Friday night in September of 2012 we ended up adopting our 10-week-old pit bull mix.   His name is Chance and he is the sweetest dog in the world.

The idea of this post came about when I was talking to a neighbor the other day and they were unsure of the pit bull breed.  They said they were happy Chance was pit bull/lab mix.   And said they felt safer knowing he was only half pit bull.   This is when I realized that most people are uneducated about pit bulls and I wanted to fix this problem.

Pits bulls are a working dog and are great at agility, search-and-rescue, tracking, weight pulling, carting, Shutzhund, hunting, obedience, therapy, and more.  They are a very trainable dog and are eager to please their owner.   In fact, LawDogs USA, for example, opted to use pit bulls exclusively as drug detection dogs because they are so trainable.   Now does that sound like a terrible breed?

I don’t want to go on and on about myths and pit bulls.   Plus, I know pit bulls get a lot of bad press.   But it’s not bad dogs it’s BAD OWNERS!  I guess I just want everyone to keep an open mind about any animal and just make sure you do your homework before you buy or rescue a dog.

For the Love of My Pit Bull