Random Thoughts of the DayDo you ever just sit around and let your mind race with your thoughts?   Are your thoughts all over the map like mine?  Is it because I am a mom and wife and never have a moments peace.   I feel like my thoughts are all over the spectrum.

Here are my 10 random thoughts for day:

  • I love to cook and even like to bake now.   But I hate to make chocolate chip cookies.   It’s not like they are bad, my family loves them and request them all the time.   I just hate baking them.  Is that weird?
  • I hate coffee.  I mean hate the taste.  Actually makes me gag.   What to hear something strange?  I LOVE the smell of coffee.   When my husband is making his coffee in the morning I love to be around just so I can smell it.
  • Since you now know I hate to drink coffee, I could sure use a Diet Coke.  Yes, this is my means of caffeine.   I drink only one a day 🙂
  • I should probably get the kids up for school or we will be late.  It’s almost 7 am and we are out the door before 8 am.
  • I would like to blow off work today and run by myself.  Without my dog!   I love my dog, Chance, but sometimes it’s nice to go on a long run alone!
  • I wish I had straight hair naturally.  Well, maybe I don’t but I wish I could snap my fingers and it would be blown out straight.  People with straight hair have no idea how long it takes us curly hair people to have their hair.
  • Later today we have a baseball game, track meet and my husband’s softball game.   I wish I could come home and just sleep. Is that bad?  Don’t worry, I will be there cheering my boys on.
  • What’s for dinner??  I should really think about this now before it’s too late.   Oh hell, it’s Smash Burgers tonight!  My boys will be so happy.
  • Today is hump day! Yea!  Friday can’t get here fast enough.
  • My Dyson vacuum has been in the shop for repairs for a week.  Boy, my house could use a cleaning.   Not looking forward to that this weekend 😦

What is going through your mind at this moment?

P.S.   I wish I was still in my pajamas!