So I wanted to do a fun project with my 7 year old for St. Patrick’s Day and came across this cute idea on Pinterest.   My 7 year old loves baking with me.   Well, okay maybe he actually doesn’t like the baking as much as he likes to be in control of my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer.   He is obsessed with it 🙂  Anyway, I thought this would be a cute and easy project for mom and son while dad was at softball for the night.   It didn’t include the Kitchenaid stand mixer but he was game!  It’s St. Pat’s Twisted Shamrocks!  We also were creative and made them into spring flowers.   I hope you enjoy making these with your little one and much as I did!

Here is what you will need: baking sheet, foil or parchment paper, bag of small twisted pretzels, bag of pretzels sticks, bag of Hersey’s Kisses and one bag of M & M’s.   Heat oven at 200 degrees before you start.  Then assemble 3 pretzels like the picture below.

St. Patrick's Day Pretzels

Step 1

Then you will place a Hersey Kisses in the middle of the pretzels.   Do this until your baking sheet is full with pretzels.

St. Patrick's Day Pretzels

Step 2

Place in the oven for 4 minutes until the chocolate kiss gets soft.  Then remove from the oven and place the pretzel stick in the center of the kiss for the stem and press down.   If the pretzels slide out of place, gently push them back toward the center.  Then you will want to place the M & M on top of the pretzel stick -you want the Kiss to moosh around the pretzels, cementing them together.

St. Patrick's Day Pretzels

Step 3   

You will have to let them harden for about 30 minutes.   After they have harden, you can enjoy!   My son and I made up 6 spring flowers for his teacher too.   We used yellow and orange and red M & M’s.  I think if you buy the Easter color M & M’s it would look even better.  But we worked with what we had on hand.  Here is a picture of my son’s spring flower.

Spring pretzel Flowers

Spring Pretzel Flowers



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