Lazy One Chocolate Moose Kid Pajamas $23.99

Lazy One Chocolate Moose Pajamas

My Baby Pajamas has started to receive our new Fall pajamas for 2011.   Lazy One pajamas has some great prints to choose from for the whole family.   New this fall is the Lazy

Lazy One Bone Tired Dinosaur Kid Pajamas

Lazy One Bone Tired Dinosaur Kid Pajamas $23.99

One Bone Tired Dinosaur pajamas, Lazy One Chocolate Moose kids pajamas and Lazy One Lion Around kid pajamas.    We also brought in to try some of the great matching socks to go with the great pajama sets.   We have not received all the socks in stock but we do have the Dog Tired Green socks to go with our best selling Lazy One Dog Tired Green Kid Pajamas.  Plus, we have the Dog Tired Pink socks to match up with the Lazy One Lap Dog Pink Kid Pajamas.

Be sure to check out all of the Lazy One Family pajama sets.   Lazy One pajamas are made from 100% cotton and are not treated with any chemicals.   Pajamas are made to fit snug.