Kicky Pants Bamboo Solid Footie Pajamas

Kicky Pants Bamboo Bark Footie Pajamas

My Baby Pajamas has received a shipment of Kicky Pants Bamboo footie pajamas.   We are pleased to say we now have Lotus, Moss, Bark, and Pond in stock.   These will not last long because they never do 🙂

Bamboo pajamas are becoming so popular and we know why; they are super soft and they help your baby stay cool during the summer months.   Kicky Pants footie pajamas are made from 95% bamboo and 5% lycra.   These footie pajamas are made to fit snug.    The footie pajama feature flip paws to cover cold hands and prevent scratching.  Bamboo absorbs water 3-4 times better than cotton, keeping skin comfortable, rather than sticky.  When wearing bamboo your child will stay 2-3 degrees cooler in hot weather and warmer in the cold.  Machine wash cold.