As busy Mom’s we are always looking for just the correct gift, outfit, piece of jewelry, bed, or outfit for our husband. Well, I have come across a wonderful resource for all things custom… Customweek2011  (   With Father’s Day just around the corner,  I decided to get my husband a custom made shirt from  (  They are offering 15% off all custom made shirts this week.   I realize it won’t be a surprise as he gets to pick out the fabric, but what a unique gift. Within 4-5 weeks my hubby will be strutting his new shirt to work.

Custom Week 2011 allows me to find unique companies that make custom made items. They even have a sweepstakes that you can enter to win tons of custom items Well, good Luck.  Oh and since I am always talking about sleep and how important it is, did you know you can get a custom made mattress?   What about a custom made piece of jewelry or a new dress for yourself.   Well, it is all here!   Hope you enjoy this truly unique find!