How many times have you thought to yourself, boy it would nice to do something fun and different with the family on the weekend.    Since the weather is starting to warm up around the country, why not have a breakfast picnic in your pajamas.   Kids and most adults love picnics.   All you need is your pajamas, food, a blanket and fun.   Every kids loves to be outside once it starts getting warm.  So why not start the day outside in your pajamas and with your family.

To make the morning easy, we suggest preparing some of the food the night before the picnic.   Like cutting up fresh fruit, making the hard boil eggs, buying/making muffins or whatever your family enjoys to eat.    Some of our favorites in the morning are pancakes, waffles and breakfast burritos.   Be sure to make it fun and think outside the breakfast bowl!

We would like to take credit for the picnic in your pajamas idea but we read it at KPVI Channel 6 website in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Thank you KPVI Channel 6!

Picnic in your Pajamas

Picnic in your Pajamas

Don’t forget to wear your favorite My Baby Pajamas pajamas and your Lazy One Flip Flop slippers to your picnic!