Does your child’s school host Pajama Day for the kids?  Here in Scottsdale, AZ it seems to be very popular with all the ages.  In fact, the high school kids look like they are in their pajamas all the time but that’s another blog post.   Anyway, do you feel your child should wear pajamas to school?  When is it no longer cute?

Today was Dr. Seuss Birthday and a lot of the schools around the country were celebrating today by reading all day in school while wearing their pajamas.   Here at our school we did celebrate Dr. Seuss Birthday but not wearing pajamas.   However, we have had our many pajamas day.

So do you think it’s safe for kids to wear pajamas to school?  Do you think it’s too much? Or do you believe it’s in all good fun?  This is one hot topic with a lot of the Mom Blogs today.   We would love to hear your opinion about this hot topic.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Buy your pajama needs at whether it’s for bedtime or school 🙂

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P.S.  My oldest son in 5th grade does not care for Pajama Day since he sleeps in Claesen’s boxers but my youngest son who is 5 1/2 years old just loves it.