Skivvydoodles Pajamas

Skivvydoodles bought in 2002

What’s the first thing you think of when you buy your baby pajamas? They have to be comfortable and they better last.    My Baby Pajamas wants that for all of our customers.   The ability to pass down pajamas from child to child.  What a concept!!  Well, we have a great selection of pajamas to choose from that do just that!  One of our favorites that have stand the test of time is Skivvydoodles Pajamas.

These Skivvydoodles pajamas (pictured)  were purchased in 2002 and worn by my oldest son at the age of two.   These same pair were then passed down to two friends that had boys.  They were then given back to me in 2005 when my youngest was born.   The pictures are of my youngest son wearing them in 2008.   Since then we have passed them on to other family and friends.   We just found out they are still being past around.  Now we know they probably don’t look like they did when they were new but here in 2008 we think they look pretty good.

Remember to always pass along your outgrown pajamas to friends and family.  Maybe donate them!

Skivvydoodles Pajamas

My youngest son in Skivvydoodles in 2008 (bought in 2002)

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