Matching Family Pajamas are big sellers during the holiday season.   I tried to have my family select matching family pajamas but the boys threw a fit (including my husband, who is taking the pictures).   So I let everyone pick out their favorite pair of Christmas/Holiday pajamas and you know what…I like the picture of all the different brands and styles.  It shows all of our unique taste and style.

Having matching family pajamas is good (if it works) but having everyone happy is better!
My Baby Pajamas is having a two day SALE Thursday 11/26 and Friday 11/27.  Save 20% off your entire order when you use the code THANKS in view cart before checkout.

Happy Holidays from My Baby Pajamas

Jack is wearing Hatley Winter Wonderland Pajamas sizes 2T-7 years.  Anthony is wearing Papabear Snowman Flannel pajamas sizes 2t to XXL Adult.  I am wearing Hatley Polka Dot Flannel Women Pants and Hatley Polka Dot “Merry X Moose” tee.


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