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My Baby Pajamas was asked to be a guest on Sonoran Living Live here in Phoenix, AZ.   I just wanted to share a couple of the pictures with you.  Unfortunately, my oldest son Anthony came home yesterday with a mild case of the chicken pox and was not able to be on TV.  He was heart broken.  So much for the vaccine but at least it’s a mild case.  Anyway, I had Jack and one of my best friends daughter, Kylee, on the show as models.  It went really well.   I wanted to pass on to all my customers the offer I gave on the show.

My Baby Pajamas has teamed up with the Pajama Program, which is a nonprofit organization that donates new pajamas and books for children in shelters and temporary housing.  To kick off this campaign My Baby Pajamas is offering 15 % off your entire order if you use the code PAJAMA15 in view cart before checkout.  When you use this code not only are you saving 15% but part of the proceeds from these sales will go to the Arizona Chapter of the Pajama Program.  It was a natural fit for My Baby Pajamas to team up with the Pajama Program because we believe every child deserves a good nights sleep.  Sleep Stylish…Sleep Tight.

Here is the link to the segment on Sonoran Living Live

Kylee and Jack on Sonoran Living Live

Kylee and Jack on Sonoran Living Live


l20531316728_5806My Baby Pajamas is now on Facebook.  Check out our page at  Become a fan!!  We are going to have special discounts for all FAN followers.  You don’t want to miss out.  We would love it if you uploaded pictures of you or your kids in pajamas from My Baby Pajamas.  Or just leave comments.  Stay tune for more from facebook.


I am happy to announce that My Baby Pajamas is now on .  Please sign up to follow us on twitter.   I am going to have special discount codes for twitter followers only!!  To follow us you will need to sign up with twitter.  It’s free and easy!  My Baby Pajamas twitter page is  Happy trails!!!

At Home pajamas for the Spring are starting to arrive.  I will be receiving all the Spring pajamas starting this month and going to May.   In April and May, all the shorts and nightgowns for the summer will arrive.  There is some really cute pajamas for the Spring so make sure you check back in often because the pajamas will always be changing.  To all my customers in the colder climates, I will be putting winter pajamas on sale starting in February.   Also, be sure to check out my CLEARANCE section and ON SALE section: there is some great deals.  Also, if you sign up for our newsletter you can get 10% off your entire order (including ON SALE and CLEARANCE items).  Thank you to all my customers for making MY BABY PAJAMAS the one stop shop for baby, kids, and tween pajamas!!!

About Me:

Hello and welcome! I am a 40 something year old mom of two boys, living in Scottsdale, AZ with my husband Al. I started My Baby Pajamas in 2007 and have watched it grow and mature. I love to blog but am not much of a writer per say. I am a avid runner and love to compete in races. I like my yoga HOT and love to hike with my family and our pit bull mix dog, Chance. My favorite time is hanging with my family and cooking homemade dinners and hearing about everyone's day while my husband and I enjoy a glass of wine.

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